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Smoking in my basement.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by La Chimney, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. This thread is really meant to be replied to a.s.a.p., but all replies are welcomed. It's midnight here, and in about another hour I plan on going downstairs and blazing in my basement. I'd go in my car but my parents would probably hear me start it up, so that's out of the question. I'm gonna make a sploof and blow the smoke out a window..Is there anything else I could do to make sure my parents don't catch me? I go back to college in a few weeks and don't want to ruin the rest of my time at home. Thanks!
  2. You should do it like that's 70s show. Oh and you should be fine.
  3. Just go outside dude.
  4. you dont need a sploof if youre breathing it out the window... but if youre that paranoid then go for it
  5. No dont go in the basement. You wont be able to hear your parents coming and if your parents are anything like mines, they are always walking downstairs
  6. Go into a bathroom (with a window preferably) and turn on the shower as hot as possible. If you have a window blow out the window otherwise blow in the opposite corner and light a candle or spray air freshener or something. Happy smoking
  7. Don't smoke in your parents house if they don't want you to. It's their house, dumbass.
  8. Your house is basically a very large hotbox. Any smoke that doesn't go through your sploof is going to linger in the house.

    Just go outside, walk around the block and exhale downwind
  9. Eh, I didn't really fill you guys in on everything. Once my parents are in bed, they're in bed. I have an old(er) house so any footsteps I'll be able to hear. I have a very large sliding door that makes a lot of noise when opened, so the basement is my best bet. I can close the door to the basement, but I'm still a bit worried.
  10. If you're worried, it is already a sign that things might pan out. I'm telling you, outside is the way to go. Even if you just sit on your stoop, its better than inside.

    Search the forum for sploofs if you take the inside route.
  11. if u were thinking about going to your car anyway, why not just smoke outside?
  12. Dude just go outside like seriously, respect your parents bro...
  13. I smoke in my basement all the time when my parents are asleep, but smoking outside always is the smartest thing to do. If you use a sploof and blow outside you shouldnt have a problem
  14. Just go outside and make sure there asleep.
  15. just dont turn on your car? or dont start the engine use the acc thing where u turn the key backwards or whatev so u can listen to tunes
  16. If its not too late, Go outside or sit in your car and crack the window and blow out, as long as its past 12 then you will be fine.

  17. Tmrw I'm gonna back the car into the garage so I'll just be able to sit in there and listen to some music, no matter who's home. Well I'm off to blaze now, wish me luck, lol
  18. Well guys I'm back and it was a major success. I cleaned everything up (except my weed which is downstairs) and I'm chilling on my computer with chips, soda, and lots of visine !!
    I'll keep you posted :):smoke::smoke::D
  19. i smoke in my basement every night... i guess im running a risk ;) (no but my father thinks weed... is the devil... he doesnt like the smell and he has zero tolerance policy about it being in his house... not sure why he would want me keeping my stash in public? Lately... he has not been caring so no worries... for now. Gonna load up a bowl of kushage
  20. I think you're a disrespectful fucking idiot. That will be all. I'll probably catch flak for this, but fuck everyone who disagrees - it's your parents house. Not yours. Learn some fucking respect, kid. Ain't it past your bedtime anyway?

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