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Smoking in my basement

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lempkowski, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Hey guys since it's winter where I live it's getting more and more irritating to go outside and smoke. I would like to find a way to smoke in my basement. Keep in mind my parents will be asleep, there are no windows in my basement, and I will most likely be using a bong. Do any of you have any advice on how to keep the smell to a minimum as well as getting rid of it. I will be using a groove tube too. Hopefully I put this in the right place because I am new to this. Thanks

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  2. You could burn some incenses also while using the sploof "groove tube". I feel ya i hate smoking in the cold
  3. "No windows" is where you should have stopped writing, thought for a second, and realized how bad an idea what you're about to do is.
    You need ventilation to get rid of the smell. It is smoke. It's gonna linger. If I blow all the smoke out my window through a fan, leave the fan running for 30 minutes, sometimes my room still danks in the morning. The basement would be a disaster.
    Actually, on second thought, GO AHEAD MAN ITLL BE FINE
  4. It's gonna be extremely difficult if you don't have any windows in the basement. The smell will most likely find it's way into the rest of your house no matter what.
  5. I used to smoke in my basement every night, even in the middle of the day while everybody was awake, and never got caught. I used a metal pipe though. And I usually went to the laundry room, that always smelled like clean laundry. Used a sploof, too.

    I guess I just had a pretty sweet set up
  6. And I didn't have windows either ^^^

    (Wouldn't let me edit that post, my bad guys)
  7. I smoke in my basement, and what I do is take very small hits and ghost it.  We also have a refrigerator that I blow the smoke into occasionally.  I use a one hitter and not a bong, but the same principle applies and you can just use snaps.  Alternatively you can use a sploof and air freshener, but only use a little bit to not be obvious.  
  8. When i was younger i would smoke in the bathroom downstairs by using a sploof and a special candle made to get rid of the weed smell from my local head shop. It worked every time but also my parents are heavy smokers and can't really smell worth a damn lol (was paranoid of them finding out, now they smoke the weed i grow XD)
  9. As of right now I have no intention on trying it. However, in the future if they are out of town I most likely will. Just wanted to see if any of you had some good ideas.

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  10. Anyone who ever thinks they didnt get caught just had parents that were more tolerable than they thought, or parents that dont know the smell. The stuff reeks, I mean come on.
  11. Dig a small hole on the side of your house against the actual house. Drill a hole through the wall. You can blow your smoke out the hole and itll escape outside. :)
  12. If it's cold down there you should be good cuz air comes from outside so there is air ventilation
  13. Do not do this.
  14. I personally have a pipe with a lid so I can get away with it, but a bong? That's a no go. You have to account for there being no ventilation and the fact that bongs and open pipes leave smoke out after you hit it.
  15. Try and find some bho. Dab said bho, blow the smoke in you parents face. They still won't know you're smoking dope in their house. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  16. Basement sesh's are usually dead from my experience in the fact that they'll reek up the whole house. go outside in respect to your parents or don't smoke. 
  17. Make a long sploof. Take snaps and clear each one. Blow sploof into a basket full of dirty laundry. Cover basket with a blanket. Works
  18. If there are no windows near you don't even bother attempting this if you know you will be completely fucked if you get caught. Just suck it up and go outside. I smoke outside and I am allowed to smoke. 
  19. Do u have a bathroom with a fan vent? Or just use a toilet paper roll and put a fabric sheet on the end with a rubber band n blow through that ??? And light an incense. That's the best I knowSent from my SCH-R530U using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  20. Sounds like a bad idea. Is the paranoia really worth it? Put on some layers and go outside.

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