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Smoking in dreams

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SD_Confidental, May 18, 2010.

  1. I've recently noticed a good amount of threads relating to dreams and dream activity. I know about the decreased dream activity through frequent use, the increase activity AFTER frequent use, and the increased activity of doing it every now and then. I've recently gone from semi-frequent to more of a casual once or twice a week use, and my dream activity has boomed.

    Literally today, I took a nap and had a dream. In that dream (this is a very vague description), me and my friend decide to toke in some sort of back yard. So we smoke, and the next thing I remember is that someone decides to come into the back yard with two dogs.

    So, since marijuana is illegal and from past experience, my natural reaction is to pack everything as fast as I can and run. I do that, and I run like crazy. My friend disappears, and I only remember seeing a glimpse of him in the distance running.

    The next thing I know, the two dogs I saw with the person catch up to me. I only remember seeing one growl viciously and the other one do nothing. Then all of a sudden, I'm in that dream state of mind where I feel like I'm aware and I'm trying extremely hard to move. I know I'm lying down, and I try really hard to move any part of my body but it feels like I have no control of my body, like a subconscious, OR if I do move my movement are extremely slow.

    BUT the thing is.. I feel very high throughout the entire dream, after the act of smoking of course. It's a very recognizable and satisfactory high. But when I realize "it's just a dream" and wake up, it feels like a very fast buzzkill. My high just went away, like being high and all of a sudden being sober.

    So here's the question to apprentice and seasoned tokers a like; has anything like this ever happened to you? Is there any way to explain this? Because this blows my mind :D
  2. Once on a t-break I had a dream where I smoked and I felt very high in my dream it was amazing but I don't dream too often if I'm smoking.
  3. I find myself getting high in dreams all the time. If it's on your mind, it's not strange for it to appear in your dreams. Pretty cool stuff. :) Also, I always find that I have more vivid dreams from taking naps than anything.
  4. ^^^ I've noticed that if I do dream it's during a nap and not when I sleep at night.
  5. Yeah I've actually just noticed the same thing for me hah
  6. ahhh the dreamworld...
  7. i had a dream one time where i had a bowl and someone put vodka in it. took one hit and i couldn't move. like my whole body just shut down, pretty crazy
  8. This exact same thing happens to me, usually the morning after or the next morning after smoking A LOT. I do the wake up and go back to sleep in the morning like 5 times and dream about being high, but it's awesome because in between dreaming sessions, I'm conscious that I was high in the dream. If I don't have to wake up for anything, I keep going back to sleep and enjoying until I HAVE to get up.
  9. stoned dreams are fucking awesome, but i never remember mine.
  10. i forgot the reason but you will remember much more dreams from a mid day nap than at night. maybe because the length is shorter and you can remember better or something.

    I know we have multiple dreams in one night and wont even realize it when waking up. pretty interesting.
  11. I feel like I'm high or drunk in my dreams if I have smoked recently. It was weird because I got high that night and in my dream I thought it was the next day it was pretty fucked up.
  12. Well you can feel like you're running around breathing air in dreams so your body tricking you into thinking you're high is comparatively a walk in the park.
  13. I recently had a vivid dream of my dealer mentioning he had a new drug, and asked me if I wanted to try it since he was out of bud. You smoke it just like weed, and when I smoked it in my dream, I felt myself go into a crazy trip, gravity pulling me everywhere and stuff. I forgot what happened after that but it was awesome how I actually felt the drug even though it dosen't exist.
  14. I noticed it awhile ago. When i do smoke i really dont ever have dreams but when i decide to t-break i will have hella crazy dreams about bud and shit a lot. its crazy.

  15. I've tripped like that on Salvia, probably what it was :rolleyes:
  16. almost everytime i dream its about smoking weed
  17. So dreams are basically trips?
  18. I've been actually thinking that dreams could possibly be the cure for psychological addiction. Just with some special drugs (which are not narcotic) to provoke dreams to come, and let the addicts try to get lucid dreams, and through them, use the drugs there. I have been high off E in my dreams a couple of times, and also been drugged there once. ( Not sure what they wanted to do with me, some experiments it seemed like. )
  19. Mind over body

    If your mind really believed you were high, you can get some of the effects.

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