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Smoking In Bathroom Help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by irock1336, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I did this on vacation with my dad. What I did was put a towel under the door, opened the window, turned on the shower and smoked before getting in. I used a sploof, and that was enough.
  2. just go outside for fucks sake
  3. [quote name='"irock1336"']Ok guys i was planning on smoking weed in the shower here is my plan: steam room up, open window, toke with small glass bowl taking one hit at a time and nubbing out the cherry with end of lighter, blow smoke through sploof out the window, then close window, re- steam, wash off, pour soap on shower floor to cover smell, spray down with febreeze. do u think i can pull it off? i share this bathroom with sister and my dad si my worry is someone could walk in there to take a shit right when i finish. but i dont think it should smell to much after all my efforts and i was gonna do it right before they go to bed so when i get out they are asleep. so what do you think?[/quote]

    Yes, that will work, but it's way overkill. I just smoke and then by the time I've showered and put cologne on, etc the smell is all covered up. I usually do this with the window open and the ceiling fan on, which is my standard procedure for showers anyway. The steam alone does a pretty good job of getting rid of the smell and any scents you use afterwards should just be your regular shower scents as not to draw attention. Spraying a bunch of frebreeze would be silly, unless you use the toilet before, which is also an effective way of covering the smell. lol
  4. So easy, just bring some febreeze in the room, the kind that ELIMINATES odors. Open the window enough to blow your whole hit out, and steam the shower a little. I always have my fan on but I would recommend it. Smoke, hold bowl close/out of window so no smoke gets in the room, and smoke. then shower. even if it does smell, the smell will quickly go away with hot water and shampoo/body wash. I do this pretty often. No biggie.
  5. Try it with all the precautions. A fan and febreze AND a little bit of weed stank isn't suspicious at all - you took a nasty dump AND took a shower, so it smells like stink covered up by febreze while you had the fan going and the shower on. Once you try it, you'll be able to cut down the precautions.
  6. I've done this before minus the sploof in a bathroom without a window. just kinda blew it into the steam and lit a candle. smelled nothing.
  7. Dude you're sounding like a 14 year old just smoke with the fan on in the restroom or if you don't have one go to Wal-Mart and get Ozium that shit gets the smell out like so fast use it all the time and nobody knows
  8. Should be A-OK, bro. Happy smoking.
  9. Stick ur head out of the window if you can and blow out
  10. run the shower on hot while smoking, blow smoke out of the window, take shower, put on cologne, youll be fine.

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