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Smoking In Bathroom Help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by irock1336, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Ok guys i was planning on smoking weed in the shower here is my plan: steam room up, open window, toke with small glass bowl taking one hit at a time and nubbing out the cherry with end of lighter, blow smoke through sploof out the window, then close window, re- steam, wash off, pour soap on shower floor to cover smell, spray down with febreeze. do u think i can pull it off? i share this bathroom with sister and my dad si my worry is someone could walk in there to take a shit right when i finish. but i dont think it should smell to much after all my efforts and i was gonna do it right before they go to bed so when i get out they are asleep. so what do you think?
  2. Your fine, i do it all the time. Ive had people go in the bathroom right after i was done, smelled nothing.
  3. idk i think it depends on your bathroom i smoke in the shower and it reeks up the house.
  4. really?
  5. all you need is a sploof
  6. flush toilet, hold handle, blow smoke down drain with water running, fills up, no smell

  7. Yeah man i used to smoke in the bathroom every day. Gotta use a sploof.
  8. Just actually take a shower the time you are done...smell gone
  9. Just be sure to steam it up, if you open the window then the steam will just go out there.
  10. thats what i was planning on
  11. if they go shit, they'll create their own odorizer lol
  12. well thats y u steam it up before and after u smoke the smoke needs to escape somehow and the fan is too loud and suspicous
  13. true enough
  14. how the !@#$ is a fan suspicous??
    keeps moisture from building on everythang including mirrors.

    THE most ridiculous thing I'VE heard all night..
  15. Dude, you are tooootallly fine i promise. Use a sploof, cover up the bowl with your thumb after you hit it so no smoke escapes. Also make sure to clear it again after you put your thumb on it, otherwise its pointless and some smoke goes up anyways. Take a shit after if you're really scared. Febreeze is probably unnecessary and will cause more suspicion than if you didn't use it. Good luck man you'll be fine, done it hundreds of times with people walking by during/after. easy.
  16. idk i guess its not but it makes alot of noise and y not just use the window
  17. alright ill take ur word 4 it u sure i wouldnt just be better off with one spray of febreeze
  18. It's as easy as *go outside*
  19. cant to sketchy already got caught sneaking out
  20. A little Febreeze wouldn't hurt I guess. Most people totally overdo it though. And don't do it last. Do it right after you smoke or something. It's supposed to neutralize odor, so if it does its job it should be gone by the time you're done with the whole process

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