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  1. So I'm visiting Alaska in a couple of weeks to get married. My anxiety has been off the charts and I figured it would be nice to smoke a bit with friends before the big day. Is buying it legal anywhere? Or are people only allowed to grow for personal use? Trying to read up on it all but I'm confused lol.
  2. Well according to this article right here in HUFFINGton post. (LMFAO) weed is legal there. Marijuana Is Officially Legal In Alaska

    Alaskans age 21 and older may now legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana, grow as many as six marijuana plants in their homes (with no more than three flowering), and possess any additional marijuana produced by those plants.

    Shops selling legal recreational marijuana aren’t likely to open until 2016, after the state legislature establishes a regulatory framework. State lawmakers have begun introducing legislation to that end.

    LOL! Here is some advice if you can time it just right. IDK where in Alaska you are getting married at but if we get hit with some solar flares soon, smoke some up really good and try to watch the Northern Lights while high. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.
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  3. I'm from there. There aren't cannabis stores yet until later this year. Weed is legal to have up to an ounce but you can only smoke at home or at these cannabis cafes they're going to open up. Nonetheless I still smoke outside haha you'll find a way I'm sure.
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  4. Good to know! I was hoping to find some edibles just to ease the anxiety of everything lol but it looks like I'm coming a bit too early (April 30th) as dispensaries should be opening in the fall from what I've read. Any tips on what to do while we're there? Staying on the Kenai Peninsula mainly.
  5. Sweet. Only been there a couple times passing through. Can't help ya there but you will love the scenery.

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