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Smoking herbs out of cleaned bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hyper, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Ok so i got an alcohol citation a few months ago and i have a drug test coming up in a few weeks. Ive been clean thc wise for a little more than two weeks now so im not really worried about passing. The question i have is, i got some of that "synthetic weed" stuff but at a closer looks its just a few random ground herbs. The problem is i have been smoking it out of my bong i use to smoke weed out of. I cleaned my bong before i did this and tried to scape the head but it was to res'd so i left the head as is. This stuff i have is SUPER dry and only takes a quick light to catch. My question is, will smoking out of the same head be enough to make me fail my test? I also feel no similar effects of marijuana after i smoke but im just being paranoid i guess.
    Any help would be appreciated =]

  2. nard to say. nobody can tell for sure. The easy answer is for you to get off your ass and go clean it but whoknows at this point
  3. I wouldnt think so.. But you never know :/
  4. If you're gonna be getting tested for a while (from my understanding, alcohol citations fall under that category) it would be wise to buy a separate piece for legal herbs.
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    That stuff is shit. All it does is fuck with your heart rate and blood pressure.

    Suck it up and don't smoke that bullshit waste of money.

    For an actual answer - K2 was made "illegal" maybe 6+ months ago in NC. I went to a head shop about a week ago and saw it sitting there for sale. The fact is, they're able to manipulate and alter these "herbs" so quickly that the FDA or anyone else can't really keep up with them. It's safe to say that there aren't really any drug tests for K2 or Salvia. Wiki says metabolites in K2 can be detected, however it won't trigger a positive cannabis test.

    I wouldn't do it because the stuff is shit, and you already said it didn't really do anything for you.
  6. well said sir.

  7. to add to your post, I've had bad experiences with K2. I couldnt get any weed anywhere from anybody at all, so I smoked K2 pretty much daily like it was weed. When I finally found weed, I could smoke two bowls and be completely unaffected because K2 rapes your cannabinoid receptors. It took quite a while to recover
  8. good to know guys thanks for all the help, cleaned out my head piece and dumped the rest of this trash out, found out it screws with your liver too so im not down with that. Only smoked it out of the dirty bowl maybe 3 times so hopefully my odly fast metabolism will flush anything out that might have entered back in.

  9. First of all those legal herbs are dangerous and have killed people, dont do them! Second they wouldnt make you fail a test, Urine tests, test for a different chemical found in weed not the actual THC
  10. Bro if its real synthetic weed it should look like this


    Looks like dank in person.

    If it looks like different herbs and spices its just bullshit.
  11. Get away from synthetic shit. I smoked it for awhile, felt awful everyday. I stopped after a buddy got super fucked up. Invest in a urinator, theyre like $150. You can still smoke real bud and you won't slowly kill yourself. If you can't get one, just wait.
  12. Sobriety > Spice
  13. test is in a few days, 3rd week clean with extremely low percent body fat. Should pass with flying colors then back to betters, healthier and safer ways. Cheers everyone.


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