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Smoking hash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skramz, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I can't find weed anywhere in my city, so I bought some hash tonight. I've never smoked it before so I'm hoping for some advice.

    Is it possible to just break a little bit up and smoke it out of a bowl? That's all I have at the moment :/
  2. put a pin thru a folded piece of card board so that you can sit it down and have the pin poking straight into the air.

    put a chunk of hash on the end of that pin then light it on fire.
    blow out fire and cap it off with an upside down glass or a jar.

    stick a straw into the jar and enjoy
  3. Tilt your bowl so the hole for smoke to travel through is on the side. If your bowl has a Carb, it should be facing directly up. Put a bead of hash in your tilted bowl and smoke away.
  4. You have to break it up into a powdery form, which is usually done by sticking the hard hash through a key and burning it until it powders up. Then you put the powder into a bowl or a joint. It's not really powder, but more like tiny clumps.

  5. Yeah, you could do this too. You light the hash on the key a little. Then you break it by hand as if you were breaking bud, into tiny pieces.

    you are better off "hot knifing" or using that pin-in-a-cup method if you don't have a bowl with bud or joint with bud.


  6. Use hot knifes!

    Honestly, ive smoked pure hash bowls and joints before, juat smoke it like weed and youll be fine..
  7. #7 True Serenity, Nov 23, 2011
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    Bro, there are several ways to "prepare" hash. I should know, I only smoke hash. There's no weed here either. Depending on your smoking equipment, the ways to prepare variate. For example, I usually mix it with tobacco, though you don't have to.

    If you have ziplock bags, I would take to bags, put the hash in side, and smash it 'till satisfied. If you want it to be powder like, do that. Though you need a very fine screen, or it'll go right through. Perhaps you should only smash it gently, until you have small rocks. This is perfectly fine to put in your bowl, light up, and smoke.

    If this is too noisy, or if you haven't got the ziplock bags (any other will do, just make sure the hash doesn't go flying everywhere), you could cut it with a knife. Making like before, small bits or rocks. This is sort of hard, considering how compressed and hard the hash is. But don't haste yourself, cut it, like you're sawing some wood. Back and forth.

    This method, is not at all recommended by me, but you could take your lighter, warm the hash, and then squeeze it. Making once again, little rocks. The major downsides by doing this, is that first off, it might hurt. Considering it's fucking hot. Secondly, if you burn it, you release THC.

    I personally do either of the two first mentioned. I hope you enjoy, and let me know if you have any other questions.

    If you wondered, you should put your hash in a bong, vape or pipe. Joints work, but you need tobacco for this. Once it is packed in your bowl, put the flame from your lighter onto your hash in the bowl. Keep the flame there, and inhale or fill the bong. This is sort of important, considering hash doesn't ignite and burn like weed. Though they do "glow". But if you want to get all the THC, keep the flame going.

    Hash is (if properly made) much stronger then weed, so keep in mind, you probably only need like .3 or something to get stoned. Don't get baked on an entire gram, waste!


    Yes you can do that!

    - Serenity
  8. Just answered this question I'm another thread. I'm going to copy/paste.


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