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Smoking Hash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CasualSmoker024, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I got some hash the other day, and I know that that stuff hits hard so not much is required. Does anyone know approximately how much I should start out with? And I had the idea to maybe take a cig, dump out a little bit of the tobacco, and then replace it with hash. Would this be effective? Or would this be a waste?
  2. I'd like to know this too my dealers got some hash for 30$ a G I may pick up
  3. Just take hits like normal and don't smoke as much.
  4. Throw it in a bowl, i wouldnt put it in a cig. Then yaje a couple hits then wait a couple minutes if you dont feel much take more, i love hash, it makes me more energetic
  5. cut a water bottle in half. save the part you put your mouth on.
    get a butter knife and put it on fire until the tip turns red.
    put hash on knife.
    put water bottle on top and inhale
  6. Yeah just throw it in a bowl. What's the worst that can happen? :smoking:
  7. Does hash for 15$ a g sound to good to be true , i live in south Florida
  8. ^try it what the hell for 15. Hash goes for 30$ up here at dispensaries in most instances.
  9. You can smoke hash pretty much anyway you smoke weed. I don't recommend a joint or anything like that though. My friends and I always smoke with gravity bongs, those work really well with hash
  10. smoking hash with a cigarette paper would be a horrible idea, it would burn WAYY faster leaving all the hash behind
  11. I loaded a bowl of some dank I had and put hash on top it was a nice fat bowl and took one huge rip from the gravity/waterfall bong and I was higher than I've been in my entire life

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