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Smoking Hash.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Inglorious1, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. What is the most efficient and best way to smoke hash? ( What gets you highest with the smallest amount?)
  2. I wonder the exact same thing, i just made hash with my buddy and we wanna be conserrrvative of it.
  3. Butter knives.
  4. hot-hit bowl with a soldering iron is the best i've found. You just take the iron away when your done (slight learning curve with the timing) and as long as you create enough suction no vapor/smoke will escape the hot-hit bowl.

    Hot-hit bowls are usually for bubble-hash, but I use them for BHO and qwiso as well.

    A nail has less flexibility, as for more impure forms it'll be icky; same with a skillet.

    Its all preference though; a nail+dome versus a hot-hit versus skillet are all about the same in efficiency - the only difference is that with a hot-hit and soldering iron you don't deal with any gas or torches, and you determine how big of a hit you want based on how long you dab rather than how much you put on.
  5. Light it in a glass jar. turn the jar upside down. when it is full with smoke open it a little bit and put a straw through it and suck smoke up. repeat.

  6. This. Try taking one of the flat round pushpins and stick it up through a bottle cap. Try to stick the hash onto the exposed pin and then place it under the glass jar. Makes it easier to hold it in place.

  7. This:smoke:
  8. Most blades wouldn't do this but if you have ciggs do bottle tokes aka BT's. This was our main method of smoking hash when I was a kid and I occasionaly still do them when I want a "high school high" as I like to call it.

    They'll fuck you right up. Shouldn't take much either.

    Youtube BT's or Bottle tokes. Here's an old GC thread about them

    One thing tho a lot of people say to use a plastic bottle and burn a hole in the bottom, well fuck that just use a knife or scissors and cut the hole.

    Damn now 'm debating going on the balcony and doing a few for old times sake.

    Peace :smoking:

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