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Smoking hash in a pax?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DIPSCHMIDT, Feb 4, 2014.

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    Got a pax a week or so ago and FUCKING LOVE IT. For those of you who like hash pens and shit and want something just as portable and easy to use, get this bad boy. Every now and then ill sandwich a little bit of wax in between layers of bud in the oven and for the most part it doesn't get too dirty. I got a gram of hash from the local depo and was wondering if it would work just as well as my wax if I sandwiched it in, but I'm worried about it really getting the oven all goopy and shit. I try to keep it as clean as possible, but I don't want to try it with hash and fuck it up. It's not bubble hash or full melt, it's just straight hash... has anyone tried this?
    Attached is a super shitty Apple photo-booth photo just so you guys no exactly what im talking about. It's very dense and hard in comparison to my wax

  2. I got the pax too ! i dont know man it says u cant because it requires a higher temp to burn it at , but i would try it anyway, im sure youll get good results, set it on high and let me know how it goes
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    Sorry if this sounds noob....I'm pretty into smoking but I don't understand your post... what/why are you sandwiching in the oven, and what is that in the picture?
    Thx :yummy:
  4. I have a pax and have had great results vaping bubble hash, I don't think you would gunk it up if you put some right ontop of your flower. I would pack down the bud nice and hard and put a bit spread as even as possible right ontop. Figure worst case scenario you would need to clean the top to your oven.

    As far as the temp goes I don't think high is nessasary my hash was doing fine at low but I guess full melt may be different

    I understand your skepticism I wouldn't want to mess up my vape either shit was expensive
  5. Excellent dude, I recently got a PAX as well and snagged some hash pretty similar to that on the same day. I've tried throwing a tiny bit of hash in there alone. It works well but it also gets a little goopy. I just let it cool and it came right out. I was using it on the hottest setting.

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  6. Decided to try it and it worked veerrry nice. The first bowl didn't leave hardly any residue or goopy shit at all, the second left a little bit of damage but nothing a quick wipe down couldn't take care of. I never like to put my temp on high (kinda tastes like its actually combusting rather than vaping) so I tried it with the hash on medium and it produced clouds like I couldn't believe. Highly recommended for anyone to pick up some hash/bubble hash if you have a pax. Very tasty. 
  7. I have a pax and often top my oven with kief like I would a bowl. It's quite nice. It does say not to, but I've never had a problem with that. The only problem I've ever had with mine is I clogged it using cheap pipe cleaners that left fuzz inside. Use the kind it came with. Just a word of caution!
  8. Don't use concentrates. You'll ruin it, its made for herbs only. Don't have one but I've heard of them ruining it and it says on their site its meant for herbs, get a cheap 40-50$ oil pen for the concentrates.

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