smoking gave me boners as a kid.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by The Crunge, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. When I was 8, I got dead leaves, notebook paper, and some tape and rolled a "cigarette". I smoked it, and I got a boner. Another time in my youth, I picked up a cigarette butt and pretended to smoke. That also gave me an erection. And I'm also pretty sure my first few times smoking pot I had a woody.

    I guess rebellious behavior turned me on.
  2. think about all those pornos of bitches smoking cigarettes and shit. there's a market for that, and it's you.
  3. This is why I never get tired of GC.
  4. Oh gc. You so silly
  5. This. I've seen one where these two bitches were smoking doobies. Didnt do it for me, but I found it interesting nonetheless.
  6. I thought you were a woman :confused:

    Back when i was a kid smoking a cigarette butt would give me an incredible boost of energy and happiness and good feelings in my body, only got a boner from it once or twice. Ahh that was when smoking was awesome.
  7. Please roll a j and take a pic of your boner trying to pop out of your jeans... :laughing:
  8. yeah when i first started i would get boners too
  9. Jahahhahahaahaha this made my night regardless if its true or not
  10. I don't get boners from smoking anymore though guys
  11. I can relate...
  12. boners are inevitable man, just one of those things
  13. you like suckin on tube shaped objects
  14. its even weirder when smoking gives u a boner
    & ur a chick..

    idk what a vagina boners called
    I'm guessing it'd be like a..vagasauras rex
    or a bonegina maybe?
  15. Thats some fucked up shit OP...
  16. i thought you were the one that coined the term "vagina boner"

    edit -to milky lumpkins
  17. maybe not
  18. Damn I bet your awkward to smoke with...
  19. its possible! :devious:
  20. A few months ago I smoked and got a massive erection. Like bigger than normal. I didn't care and I was walking outside by the campus library and people were looking at it. The looks were a mixture of disgust and "I want that..."

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