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Smoking games

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UncleNate, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. Do you and your friends ever have any fun smoking games you like to play? I have a fun simple one i play after school every day with my friend. Its called Smoking Football

    Its super easy and gets you baked. You play 4 quarters. Each quarter is 2 bowls. First i smoke a bowl of my weed, Then he will match me on a bowl. THat is the first quarter. Then we do that again for 2nd quarter. At half time we smoke a cig to boost the high. Right about now its been around 20-30 mins or so if were just chillin. THen we go for 3rd and 4th quarter and head home. If we start around 3:00 (around when we get out of school) we are usually finished by 4 o clock and we both get home perfect times. Its pretty fun...

    So anyways what are some fun games you guys like to play while your toking either by yourself at the house at night or with your friends at the parties.
  2. I play a game on my couch almost every night. I call it puff puff pass
  3. Just hold your breath after hitting the joint then wait for it to go around the circle and then proceed to blow out. But thats the only real game i consider that i play.
  4. Weed doesn't need games to make it fun, its fun by its self.
  5. we call this game "baseball" when you hit it and pass it, you have to hold in your hit until it comes back around, if you dont you get 1 strike, 3 strikes and your out! it gets pretty intense when theres like 4 or 5 people in the row tow
  6. I just smoke it.
  7. Cherish those times man
  8. I miss having "sessions" a little bit, I have to I've stated before it's mainly only one friend I get high with, and then my chick.
    Back in the day, buying $50-$100 of weed, sitting in a circle of 4-5 people and hittin' it until it was gone was pretty fun, totally got to another level there but my days of smoking are over...that and, friends move on etc, it's not really a scenario I can create to have enough people that I know that smoke all in the one place.
    Maybe when I get the volcano I can do a big vape session after some edibles...people always seem more receptive to vape bags?

    Right now my only weed game is the green equivalent to "drink the beer"
  9. Theres a really awesome card game a mate of mine has called Stoner Fluxx.

    It plays like a normal card/board type game except there are cards like "All Toke" or "Toke on your turn" etc. plus all the goals are weed based.
    It's pretty awesome and can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 45 minutes per round (depending on luck and how baked y'all are).

    Worth a shot if you've never played it and see it somewhere.
  10. Smoking games are usually confined to noob circles IMO. Just toke it up and have a fucking conversation.
  11. ahhh smoking games. when i was younger we played heaps of games basically instead of drinking as a punnishment like in drinking games somking was your reward. we used to play smoker- a game we made which is pretty much smoke poker=smoker geddit? all righty. theres a few ways it can be played. Back in the day where you would have 1 homemade bong and no fucking money you would pack a cone and whoever won the hand won the cone. but it progressed into betting with weed which had to be smoke immediatly after you won the hand (everyone would throw a pinch into the chop bowel, still raising pinches etc).

    Then we had games to play while baked as fuck. waterbombs in the city etc. mann being a young stoner was sweet. once we got older we played this game called get to Sydney ( the capital of a state in australia) where you started in my home town of Brisbane (capital of another state) and you picked a peice of paper out of a hat that had written on it a drug eg. acid, weed, speed, XTC and there were a few others. anyway the game started after everyone could get the drugs haha then your objective was to use that drug roughly the whole time or as often as possible while getting to Sydney. no one had flight money so it was driving or hitching or fuck knows. we only did it once and i got weed so it was a fairly easy few days of being way too baked to be anywhere other than a bed. but my mate got acid and only got as far as his mates house just outside of brisbane haha. The prize was just a big night out paid for by your friends or because we were all broke just everyone sharing their drugs in a hotel room ..... dont try this at home
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    we played that too! But its been years since I have played any smoking games like that. Closest I get now is when I am smoking a J or L with some friends and we are doing smoke rings, french inhales, snap inhales, or other smoke tricks. We also play "marco bowlo", or questions to determine rotation haha..
  13. im so stoned and i cant understand any of these replies. theyre too fucking long omg
  14. :confused:
  15. a friend and i tried playing the game where you watch half baked and everytime someone in the movie smokes, we would take a bong rip. needless to say, we were retarded by the end. good times.
  16. You can't read paragraphs? :confused:

    Anyway I don't play games in my circles. We just hang out and have good conversations, all while laughing the entire time.

  17. Jesus Christ, I'd hate to see what ya'll are smoking that ya'll can each smoke 8 bowls in an hour.

    But, to make this relevant, the only game we've ever played was called Chicago. One person would take the biggest hit they could from the bowl, hold it, and then pass the bowl. The next person would take the biggest hit they could, hold it, pass the get the idea. Anyway, the first person couldn't release their hit until the person after them had released theirs. It's kind of fun to see who can hold it the longest.

    Yes, I know it's dangerous to hold smoke in my lungs forever. Lots of things I do in life are dangerous/bad for me, one more thing on the list isn't gonna kill me that much faster.
  18. Trust me dude i will. Im still a kid so i got shit workin out for me for now. I know times are gonna be getting harder in a year or two when i move out but bud will always help me get through the shit.

  19. This sounds fun, I'd hate to get struck out and not be able to smoke anymore:(
  20. the only one i play is to watch that 70's show and toke whenever they're in a circle :smoking:

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