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Smoking Games?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pot Geek, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. So, we know there are a lot of "drinking games," but there really arn't any smoking games that I've found.

    I have a theory as to why there arn't any. Simply, the basis of "drinking games" and what makes it a game, is that you can get far too much alcohol and it can make you sick and stuff. Basically all drinking games follow the same formula: break a "rule" take a drink. The drink is, therefore, a "punishment" of sorts. However, you can't get too much pot, and it won't make you sick, so the drinking game formula falls apart.

    There are smoking tricks, the most common (and easy) of which is the french inhale; but I have yet to see any smoking games.

    Does anyone know of any fun smoking games?
  2. well i have never really played any smoking games but ill make sumthin up

    ok here gos

    pass around a J and see who can hold a hit the longest and the person who has the longeast hold fore the size hit they took gets to hit it twice on the next rotation

    see instead of beiong punished like w/ drinkin you get rewarded by gettin to smoke more
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  3. I think it's because weed is expsensive compared to alcohol, and usually the losers of the drinking games have to drink more, and that is called winning in a smokers handbook. I'm sure if I had a free QP I could think of some killer games where the winners smoke the most!
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  4. good idea pipsi

    kill hits are always fun...not that its game- just fun to see who has the illest ones

    doing kill hits makes you want to smoke soooo much more
  5. whats a kill hit?
  6. I've thought of one, You first must know how to play "asshole", Playing just the way you would with alcohol, except that you don't smoke intill you have finished one game, then the asshole has to pack a bowl and the president gets to spark it, then everytime someone becomes president 2 or 3 times (your choice based on amount of weed everyone playing has) they get to make a rule and everytime the rule is broken that person has to pack a bowl.

    ex. rules:
    no 4 letter words: no one can say words with four letters in them, hard as hell when your stone
    The thumb rule: when the president places there thumb on the table the last person to do so has to pack a bowl.
    Make up your own

    You could also put into effect the waterfall rule, you pick two diffrent cards(Ex. 3 of diamonds and 3 of hearts) and when they are played together then you have a waterfall, the person who played them then gets to picked if it goes clockwise or counterclockwise, then everyone starts smoking and then once the person who played the cards stopped then the next person can stop and so on. IF someone stops before the person in front of them stops they have to pack a bowl. You could also play instead of taking hits, you could all take a hit at the same time and using the same principle, have to hold it in till the person in front of you exhales.

    It probally wouldn't be economical to play with dank, but would make smoking shwag or midies a little more fun.
  7. Heh... I like playing "how white can I get the bong" or "how many of these cookies can I eat in the shortest period of time"

    Actually... I think eating games might be fun when high... anybody up for a hotodog eating contest? :)
  8. Oh heres another one i thought of:

    BongPong: You first need a minumum of 6 bongs, preferably 12, (but hay i know some of us don't have 12 bongs lieing around) you need to have bongs with an open top. Then you divide into teams of 2 - 4, then each team packs their bongs, when you get a pong ball in the bong, your team gets to smoke that bong (unlike beerpong where when you get the ball in the cup the opposite team has to drink the beer). Play can not resume intill your team has finished smoking all the weed packed in the bong. Then continue playing when a team has smoked all the bongs on the other side, both teams finish the left over bongs together. (that way no one loses)

    I'm sure you could make your own variation of the game.
  9. mmm.... cookies....

    anybody like those tacos from Jack in the Box? they don't taste spectacular but you get 2 of them for a buck. awesome deal if you ask me. if you and your buds can only scrounge up $5 thats still 10 tacos to split. I could have an eating game w/ tacos....
  10. Who cares about all the games...Just smoke in turn...I call neighbor!
  11. 3 reasons why there arent Pot Games

    1st Price---Pot cost more for that many people to play unless everyone there brings a substantial amount

    2nd Too Mellow---Drinking Games generally involve quite a few people bein loud and making rules against others, leading me to #3

    3rd Memory----People would forget the rules so they would always change.

    So as you see you smoke to drink for stupid crazy times.
  12. There's a smoking game that I'll play if it's just me and one or two other people that's really mellow.

    Everyone's watching TV, and it says, for example, "Up next: The Simpsons." At this point, each person picks two or three events at which they'll take a hit. Example: "I'll take a hit whenever Homer burps or when Bart rides his skateboard." Then, each time one of your events happens, you take a hit. Fun if you're bored, but not really a party game.
  13. god, i always play kill hit
    its hallarious!\
    but u have to bring your own weed
  14. You can play with movies too, like pop in scarface and whenever pacino says fuck, take a hit.

  15. I like the idea of this but I think getting a ping pong ball into a bong at any distance would be hella hard, maybe like a ring toss thing, just get the ring around the bong.
  16. We just see who can do the best french inhale and who does the best casper.
  17. who says weed is more expensive than liquor?!

    a 5$ joint will get 3 people stoned easily. a 10$ mickey will get 1 person drunk.

    seems cheaper to me?

    anyways, play around the world. Take a hit, hold it in, pass the joint. When it comes back to you, exhale. Hoot again. Hold it, pass it, continue.

    if you cant hold it in till it comes back, you miss your rotation.

    seems bad, BUT, you can choose to take every hit and make them small so its easy, or you can take HUGE rips every other rotation. Since everyone will be using one of these strategies, the amount of weed you smoke usually evens out. Plus, if you held in a huge hoot aslong as you could, but still didnt make it, your gonna get ripped anyways!

  18. I dont think anyones got enough pot to handle that task
  19. around the world does kick ass. its the only game ive ever played. other than betting on longest holds. we packed small one hit bong bowls and whoever held the longest got the dough

  20. u call around the world in BC, ey?

    over hear we call it, "Chicago'ing".
    Like, "yo, u guys wanna chicago this blunt?"....FUCK YA!


    Few people mentioned using beer pong related rules. Or trying to use bongs as the cups, and using rings to maybee toss on the bongs (i like that one)...good ideas.

    But also maybee just fill the cups with another liquid, or no liquid.
    - play with all the same rules
    - yet when u get the ball into a cup, u have to take a hit from a bong/ bowl/ whatever.
    and just keep on packing bowls.

    Maybee designate a bowl to cetain cups, and other bowls to other cups.

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