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Smoking Games

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Lakitel, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. With every sitting that involves smoking joints, there must accompany them Smoking Games. Now, I by no means know a comprehensive list, but I'd like to start one up, so I'll tell you guys the smoking games I know of, and you guys can tell me more and I'll add them :D.


    Requires: At least three people
    How to do it: Ok, this is very simple, yet quite brutal.
    Step 1: Take a drag.
    Step 2: Pass it on to a friend.
    Step 3: (Most important!!!) Hold in the smoke until the joint comes to you again
    Step 4: Let the smoke out, and repeat steps 1-4.

    What happens is that you keep going, until the joint goes around at least three times. Usualy its fun to try and go for 10 or more. Since your keeping it for more time, you can realy absorb more over time, and with you not receieving new oxygen it also effects you somehow I beleive :p.

    Tip: To be able to not breath for so long, try and take short gaps of breaths, without letting anything out. Also: DON'T FORGET TO BREATH AT THE END!!! ><


    Requires: You and a joint
    How to do it: May be rough!
    Step 1: Take the joint by the tip and place it between your middle and index finger, right where they come out of the palm, and close your fingers around them, airtight like. Make sure that some of the tip is poking through.
    Step 2: Make your hand into a closed cylindrical shape.
    Step 3: Take your other hand, put it at the end of your other hand to close off the end.
    Step 4: Take a long drag in straight, like a bong (or shisha).
    Step 5: Let it out slowly, and get ready for the coughing!

    If steps 1-3 where done correctly, your hands should be almost airtight shut, making a little chamber inside, where you drag directly from joint tip to your lungs. Its rough though, so be ready. might take a while to get the hands just right, but when you get it its amazing.

    Smoking Game

    First off, you might ask why a smoking game is called 'Smoking Game', well, me and my friend came up with this game (like probably a million other million marijuana users trying something new :p), and since its the first game we made or found out about, we just called it smoking game, so deal :p.

    Requires: 2 people, 1 joint, and a person who can move their hands relatively quickly when high :p. And a good lung capacity :p
    How to: This is brutal!!
    Step 1: This is preperation. One person takes the joint in between thumb, middle finger and index finger, with the end of the joint is facing towards your palm. Some of the tip should be sticking out. Also take deep breaths for a few seconds, it will help :p
    Step 2: Now this goes fastas possible.Take a small, short drag (I mean a real hard drag, not to fill your lungs, as I said, short and strong).
    Step 3: Hold your breath
    Step 4: Hold the tip of the joint quickly to your friends mouth, and let him take a short strong drag.
    Step 5: Take a short strong drag.
    Step 6: Repeat steps 1-6, until you can't go on any more and move to step 7
    Step 7: Let out all the smoke

    The aim of this game, is that you hold your breath, and keep draging short VERY strong puffs, quickly between you and a friend. Properly done, a puff should be done every second, there are no breaks. Usualy this can last more then 3 rounds, keeping your breath in for that loong is tough though, especialy with taking new puffs every other second.

    Hold your breath!!!

    Requires: one joint, one person, and a stop watch
    How to:
    Step 1: Take a deep long drag.
    Step 2: Start the timer.
    Step 3: Hold your breath as longas you can.
    Step 4: When you can't, let it out :p

    This is a very simple game of holding your breath and seeing who can do it the most. The nice sideeffect of this, is that its not just any breath, its a breath filled with weed or hash :p.

    This game realy is supposed to be done in a turny style mode.
    Get say 10-15 of your friends, and let them all do steps 1-4 and time it. The top say 7 or 8 who have lasted the longest (higher digits on the dial :p) get into team 1(strong team), and team 2(weak team :p). then you match up 2 mates against each other until all the numbers are filled up (in the respective groups, no intergroupals!!) and let them do steps 1-4, the one with the longest time wins, and you keep doing that until there is only one dude left in each group. then those two match off against each other, and whoever wins is the ultimate champion!!! The winner must get an obligatory win package of a joint :p.


    Be warned, this may seriously fuck you up in ways you never knew about.
    Required: Say min 3 peeps, double to triple the amount of what you usualy smoke, endurance.
    How to: There are no steps realy in this, its more a test of endurance. The point of the game is to see who can last the longest, you keep smoking joints in the normal puff puff pass way, and once its done, light another and keep repeating. Why this is endurance is that after a certain point you just can't take anymore, but you gotta force yourself because your honor will be introuble!.

    Usualy when I play this game, I usualy refer to people who are out as people who have passed out. Ofc, you don't have to play to this extreem, you can just do it until somebody refuses, but ofc thats easy mode, so I don't know how you dudes feel about that :p.

    So those are the smoking games I know, so tell me yours and I'll add it, and I hope you enjoy mine :p.

    Fastest Joint Rollin Contest

    Requires: As much of your favourite herb and rolling paper that you can get, 3-10 friends (depending on your supply), and a few stopwatches
    How to:
    Step 1: Give each person a paper, and an equal amount of herb as the rest.
    Step 2: Pair up in teams of two, one roller and one stopwatch dude.
    Step 4: Stopwatch people start their stopwatches
    Step 3: Everybody start to roll as quickly as possible!!
    Step 4: When a person in a team finishes rolling a joint, the respective stopwatcher stop the watch.
    Step 5: Each joint is judged according to their 'smokability' or it being an 'acceptable' joint, and how long it took to roll. The winner has the best smokable joint, in the fastest time (requires 1-3 judges, but 3 to be fairer :p)

    Courtesy of windowPanes

    The Un-named Game

    Requires: A few joints, 2 or more people (more fun realy), a large area you can run in thats soft (so that when you faceplant the ground, you don't hurt yourself :p)
    How to:
    Step 1: Roll 1.5 times the amount of joints you roll.
    Step 2: You and your friends go to this large open area, WITH SOFT GROUND!! ><
    Step 3: Stand in line
    Step 4: Take a toke and pass it
    Step 5: Run as fast as you can!! the boogie man is behind you
    Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 until you faceplant :p, or just keep going even though you faceplan the ground :p

    Courtesy of CambodiaCanaman
  2. We play a game called rules apply
    basically its a snap in a bong, which includes weed and tobacco, usually hash, and sometimes some other special shit like keif or oil or whatevs, or it can be just weed. you have to pop the bowl thru and clear the whole shack in one try. no taking the bong aaway no breaths.
    if you dont make it you get hit in the balls.
  3. What you call "Marathon", I've always heard it called "Mexican", maybe its just a thing around here, but i've been to festivals and heard out of state doods wantin to play Mexican whether it be bong, bowl, blunt or joint. Sometimes me and my buds will have a longest and then biggest rip contest. Or sometimes who can hit the Hookah longest (6 hoses, so we can't really do it That much..)

    Fastest J Rollin Contest
    (pretty self explanitory but..)

    1. Get about 3-10 people (depending on supplies)
    2. Give each person a paper and one G of bud
    3. Have a neutral (not competitor) start a stopwatch
    4. Everyone starts to pick the buds apart and proceed to roll a J
    5. Have about 1 to 3 judges to judge the look and smokability of the joint.
    6. Best roller gets their j to smoke and the worst rollers J, but the winner must share some with the 'loser' to make things chill in the end

    Sometimes my friends that are into photography will have "best bud shot" comps too. haha those are pretty fun though. Anyone else here into photography much??
  4. ya that marathon game is called chicago where im from
  5. You don't absorb enough THC by holding your breath to have it be worth the brain cells you kill by the self induced oxygen depravation. So if you eliminate the breath-holding "games," there aren't really any games left at all. Good idea for a thread, though. :)
  6. i suggest you all try the rules apply game. the point is not to hit others in the nuts, the point is to do the shack, which may be bigger or more then what your used to. therefore you get more faded then usual. also you dont pack yourself a rules apply shack, it hs to be given to you. thats why you must do it in one, because it was given. it works real well and its pretty funny when your friends getting hit in the nuts. go to www.youtube.com and search dozer kicked in the balls
    thats our friend smokingSaman railing Dozer!
  7. I dont know if their is a name for this but:

    Get some friends (can be done alone..but strange) go out to a field or parking lot (best somewhere with soft ground).

    All stand in a line, take a huge toke of your J/blunt/pipe/bong and drop it/put it down/pass it on to the next person.

    As soon as you've toke'd start sprinting as fast as you can.

    If you all do it at once its more fun. Ive seen some epic fails in this game. Some people just faceplant after 4-5 rounds.
  8. wtf well i play crysis when im high:smoking:
  9. hahahah thats gnarley cambode!!!
  10. Who Can Smoke the Bigist Bong. (in one rip)

    pretty self explanatory.
  11. This works better with shisha because it makes you light-headed but with weed it works too, of course.

    Take a HUGE hit, biggest you can take and hold in without coughing out right away. Then see how many pushups you can do while holding it in.
  12. Dude that sounds like it would suck. If i took a giant larger than normal hit, and started doing pushups, i'd pass out prolly :p

  13. try to take 10 short but STRONG hits off a fat blunt while keeping all the smoke in your lungs while taking each hit. i almost threw up doing this my first time
  14. me and my friends played "marathon" all the time back in the day, except we called it Baseball.

    meaning, the pipe/joint is the player and he has to run from base to base until he gets home hah.. its funnest when theres 4 ppl
  15. I play smoke weed.

    It involves smoking weed in any way, shape or form and enjoying the high...

    Had to be a Negative Nancy:)
  16. Ok, well, we don't get bongs here, so I don't realy understand the terminology and shit of bongs, so please explain the steps to the bong games more cleary :p. Sorry about that, I mean its wierd, we get a shitload of hash, but we can never get bongs, lol, something is very wrong with that :p
  17. stand Up Game - When Your Sitting Down Take A Huge Rip But Dont Inhale Yet Then Stand Up Fast As You Inhale The Smoke In Your Lung Hold Your Breath And Blow Out Right Befor Your About To Black Out
  18. if you cant buy one, make one! haha
    but bascially to suck through or pull through is to get all the snap(the weed) thats in the bowlpeice (the bowl shaped thing holding the weed) through the tiny hole therefore now all thats left if a bong full of smoke you need to clear, and that means to inhale that bongfull with your lungs. :)
  19. "ultimate" is lame. thats just like a normal night.
  20. I think an adaptation of beer pong (bong pong?) would be the sickest shit ever.
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