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Smoking friend out allot

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MostDope561, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. So i pickup a half e a week usually thursday so it last me the weekend and whatnot but the thing is i have a friend who i toke with during the summer he'd usually have bud and we'd matchup but thts ended because schoolis start so now he'll only pickup a dub a week and i dont get smoked out on it only match up ( i never really neede to be smoked up cuz i got my own) my weed would last way longer if i wasnt smokinghim out, whats a man too do?
  2. Just tell him what's up, tell him you can't afford to continually smoke him up and he needs to either return the favor or stop expecting it.
  3. 5 Bucks for each smoke up. if he bitches, tell him it's so you get more. if he still bitches, get a new friend.
  4. So you smoke him out when he doesnt have bud, but he will only throw down if you are matching.

    You are getting used my friend. And at this point your friends knows exactly what he is doing. He found someone that is willing to let him smoke for free while he just mooches in life.

    Either tell him he needs to start throwing some $$$ in before the sesh or he needs to start buyin his own weed. And the sooner the better, it already looks like he is getting comfortable mooching off of you.
  5. Just be quiet and smoke the weed, if you dont want to smoke it with him all the time, then don't,
  6. gotta love id just toke on my own...tell him u dont have shit, that will force him to buy some
  7. SWIM has the same exact problem except SWIM's guy never even matches. But what is SWIM supposed to do if this guy is his main connect?
  8. You gotta put your foot down asap on people like that, or they will end up running you dry; see bud is really not that expensive when you don't pay for it, but when they have their own they probably treat it like gold
  9. Lol wege this isn't bluelights xD. Anyways, whenever i find people i know like this, i always make sure they know before hand that i do not have any bud so they need to bring some cash hehe. Even if i secretly do have bud ;)
  10. My brother and I smoke a lot together and we have this mooching ass "cousin" (son of out mom's friend) who we always have to "remind" that smoke outs aren't always free!

    This fool will buy 50$ of his own green separately from my brother and I, and then refuse to throw down if we don't! He wipes up the weed crumbs from the table and puts them in his own bag instead of adding them to the end of the blunt when it's OUR weed, and when it's his he uses the smallest nug. He can't roll for shit! He spills everything out of the paper and purposely rolls it backwards so the gum wont stick.

    In short, we hate him.
    Dont let it get to this point, you'll regret it!

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