Smoking every day. Is it really that bad?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Vesna, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. My two cents on this topic.  If you don't agree I will most definitely try to understand your way of thinking and this isn't meant to offend anyone.  I personally smoke every day and see no problem with it.  Society does, but I don't.  If you smoke every day without hesitation or feeling bad leave a comment!
    \nWeed was deemed immoral by 'man' not the planet.  It was here long before we were and will continue to be here long after we leave.  It's a medicine that you take everyday and should look at it as such.  I would much rather be consuming something straight from the planet than something manufactured in a lab somewhere.  Any stipulations you have about smoking everyday was put in place by modern society.  It frowns upon something natural and harmless(Yes, it is the safest substance on this planet if not smoked) and puts something like alcohol in a light that seems to glorify it.
    \n It has been instilled by parents and media that weed is some drug that makes you stupid and is only for stupid people.  But really those who smoke it have done their OWN research, come to their OWN decisions based on their OWN logic and experiences.  Those who believe everything they hear without researching and believing it as the truth is modern society.   I believe responsible weed users are actually smarter than this close minded society.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with smoking it everyday.  It's all in your head.  Stupid stigmas put in place by people that don't do their own research and don't think for themselves.
    \nmake your own decisions based on your own logic not what other people say
    If you look at it like this you can 'justify' it in your own mind if you need to. 
    It's medicine.  Shouldn't be treated any differently than the junk we call pills.  It's okay to give your kids ritalin to close their mind and we have NO IDEA what is in that garbage, but not okay to smoke something that we KNOW came straight from this planet and we KNOW has NEVER killed anyone

  2. I feel ya bro, but I believe everyday smoking should either be a wake'n'bake or a afternoon treat, not being high all day. I can't see the point in being high allday everyday;
    1) waste of a day
    2) functionalbility goes out the window
    3) becomes a habit, which i would consider bad
    4) use so much valuable bud up!

    Why not just have a joint/bowl in the afternoon after you complete work/school/college/uni, that way you have a reward for yourself to look forward to. Nice and relaxing after a long day!

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  3. No doubt. I made a post a while back about this too.  I only smoke in the morning when I'm not working or at night when I get home from work.  We have the same views on the being high all day thing.  I guess I forgot to mention that I only smoke once or maybe twice a day.
  4. Everyday even seems a bit excessive for me. I did it for 3 years. Maybe 3-4 times a week seems like a good number.

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    Everyone is different.  Thanks for your input :)
    I like to smoke every day and a lot of people do as well. This was mostly geared people who LIKE to smoke every day just feel bad about it for seemingly no reason.    I just wanted to offer my perspective :)
    But that was the point of the argument.  WHY is it excessive?  Because media has instilled that it is 'bad' 
    We feel bad about smoking every day because it is instilled in our head that it is 'harmful'
    It's time to face the facts that soda is more harmful on a daily basis than weed.
    We take pills and other gunk every day, it should be viewed no differently.  
    I don't take any pills whatsoever not even aspirin.  This is my cure all and I haven't been sick with anything in over 6 years with nothing but weed.
  6. If I have nothing complicated to do I will smoke all day any day

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  7. I don't feel bad about smoking everyday though. Who the fuck cares about the media?

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    I smoke everyday. It's only "bad" if you make it bad, by spending all your money and time on it I suppose. I usually just smoke after I get done work, nothing better than getting stoned after a long day at work. I'm currently off until March so I'll smoke a lil in the morning and a lil bit through out the day. Don't want smoke too much since money is tight right now. Weekends I usually tend to smoke a bit more though
  9. You, my friend, know what the fuck is up.
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    Man I chief my balls off pretty much all the time and fuck feeling bad about it. I go to work, I do a good job, pay my bills, taxes, take care of the fam, get a few weeks of vaycay in each year, norcal beach house paid for, few nice cars, sweet little retirement. For 30 years old I'm feeling pretty confident I'm not
    But I am getting a little pudgey......yep...little fat ass action starting to happen...might be that 20's "aint even gotta try" metabolism taking a nose dive...might be all the munchies....either way I need to do some PT for real. 
    Anyhow, I get that it's not a match for everyone and haters gonna hate but if you can handle it and want to just be perpetually baked then by all means, like a fuckin' boss good sir!! 
  11. Me again! You probably hate me by now lol but I don't agree that it's only excessive because the media has instilled that it is 'bad'. I find it a bit excessive (for me!) everyday because I become sluggish and less motivated. And that has nothing to do with what society thinks. That is simply my own real experience. I do still go through periods of smoking everyday (maybe for 2-3 weeks) and don't feel guilty at all. I think it's good to have a balance and I think there are pros and cons to both smoking everyday and being sober.

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    I've been smoking every day for a while now...I just don't do it before I go to work. That's my little balancing. After work, I smoke the night away. On days off, I smoke pretty much all day. Certainly don't think it's 'bad.'
  13. im with this guy on this. but only after ive toked heavily everyday for a couple weeks, i start feeling like i cant be assed, idk.  if i could smoke everyday and be completely cool with money and how i feel, i would 210%.  but for me i'd say the perfect amount to toke a week is a 1-2 bowl 4 to 5 days a week. that way tolerance doesnt build up too high and i get a couple days of sobriety so when i DO get high, its even better!
  14. It's horrible in the long run you'll get an extreme tolerance probably be depressed no motivation and the worst part kiss your memory goodbye at least until you've quit for a long period of time it'll get so bad you'll find yourself forgetting ten different things and having to go back for them. 
  15. Well I smoke all day everyday. Not really but quite often. Wake up. Get baked. Go to work. Smoke a CIG and a few hits then back at it. My memory is fine. I function jus fine. Actually do better at work when I'm baked. I work 2 jobs and support me an my woman. She doesn't like that I'm high all the time but I work 18 hours a day so my eyes are usually red anyways even when sober. I work in a factory and a mechanic so when I'm workin its on my feet concrete for 18 hours. It takes a toll on ya and I get sore and stiff and weed helps me deal with that VERY well. And it puts me on my ass so I can sleep for my full 5 hours a night. Weed is jus like medicine. Take it every (fill in your preference here) as needed for (whatever the fuck reason you smoke is). Some people like it once a week people like me once an hour lol. The important thing is to educate family / friends and get this shit fully legalized. jus finished my goodnight bowl. ERM afternoon ;) so I'm gonna crash. Enjoy rest of conversation blades.

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  16. I smoke everyday and I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel like if you can be responsible with it, why not? You build a tolerance to it. I medicate before going to work everyday and I have received awards, recognition, raises, and bonuses based on my performance. People are often surprised when I tell them I'm a complete stoner. Long story short, smoke weed if it doesn't hinder you. Otherwise, you probably shouldn't be smoking in the first place.

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  17. That is certainly not univerally true...I'm a daily smoker and none of these things are true for me.
  18. I was smoking an 8th/q everyday for nearly three and a half years of course you could probably smoke a few hits everyday and be fine I'm just commenting on my personal experiences.
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    As personal experiences, they are valid. It's just by no means fair to say 'this happens if you smoke daily,' as if true for everyone. I smoke considerably more than a few hits a day.
  20. weed isnt bad at all.  its these billion dollar government runned pill companies that are. brainwashing kids, and doctors just throwing any pill into a kids mouth or adult, if this doesnt work, try this pill... like were experiments 

    i dont get the commercials, its for depression, but then it has symptoms of suicide and depresssion, lol?

    $ is the reason weed is still illegal in most states.  as long as money is around, so is a pill for a "temporary cure"

    i smoke weed daily, and feel its only bad if it affects your life negatively, money or jail.

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