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Smoking Effecting Memory

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheHumanTwig, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Well, I love smoking. (Who doesn't?) Anyways, mid-terms are coming up Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday. If I'm studying in the afternoon, and I sneak a bowl pack (It gets me high and feeling good) after dinner, am I going to forget all the information I studied?

    I'd rather not smoke if it is going to effect my mid-term exams, because I could wait a week. I would just rather not lol.

    Well, any help appreciated :)
  2. I was a monster note taker...would rewrite what I was reading in my own words, at times exceeding the amount of info I was reading to give note to other related facts...

    I think it helped to redirect things to long term memory faster (I was almost always high when studying in college)

    To be safe, follow your gut feeling, you know yourself better than anyone else.:wave:
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    lol you'll be fine as long as you study before or after you're high anyways
  4. Thanks for your guys' help so far. I think I'm going to end up smoking and maybe just hit the books while I'm blazed for a bit. I've heard people doing schoolwork high, so I figure I'll try it out.
  5. Yeah as silly as it sounds things you learn high are best recalled at the same level of highness.
  6. What you memorized will stay in your brain but when you fall asleep your mind kind of reviews what you were recently thinking.

  7. So are you saying that if I study when I'm blazed, it would be pointless unless I took the test high? Because I totally understand where you're coming from. I remember stupid things all the time when I'm high.
  8. I think you should be good. I'd say study for a while, smoke and chill out, then do a refresher study sessions for a little while before going to bed.
  9. so in other words stay high :smoking:
  10. To get the best results, just put the weed down for a week and get the test out of the way. Your tolerance will be lower and your mind will be clear for the test. The weed can come after
  11. Good post, also I would like to add that you should first try to smoke then study. See how it goes. I can right a huge paper no problem reli when I'm high. But thats just me.:D
  12. weed makes you forget stupid things like "oh what was I talking about" or "where did I put my lighter". Weed for me at least won't make me forget what I'm studying for if a test is coming up.
  13. regarding tests and such, in school I always found that a little pot helped me out.
    Id study, then get baked, and possibly study again while baked.

    mostly it helped me get to sleep easily and early when the high wound down instead of staying up stressing over the test.
  14. It didn't really effect my memory. Only when I was completely stoned. sometimes I would have a conversation and forget a little bit what I said, but then remember it eventually it's almost like. your thoughts are just some what "lost" for a moment more like delayed. but you will remember the shit.
  15. Everyone's sensitivity is different. Whether it's pot, booze, or whatever...some people's memory is affected and others aren't. Sleep is very important for memory, however. Repetition is very good, too.
  16. If you are going to take the test sober, study sober. But if you can take the test high, and study high, that works well too. As far as smoking after studying you should be fine, maybe just review a bit before you pass out.
  17. Maybe you should study the difference between effect and affect. BAM!:D
    No just kidding, but on topic, if you can gather your thoughts while high and feel comfortable, you will do just fine. :)
  18. For me, I would study before I smoked, and then I would take the test high as hell. For some reason bud slows my thoughts down and helps me sort out my thoughts which in turn helped me remember the answers. The only downfall was that I would doubt myself sometimes because I knew I was high.

    Reminder: this does not apply to math. If I do math high it gets pretty rough lol after a while the numbers on the paper just mix together and it just gets to the point where I give up.
  19. If you learnt the stuff when high, then it's best to take the test high. It's called state-dependent memory.

    However, if you didn't learn it high, it doesn't mean that you won't remember it, it just might not be as good. Though I can still remember lots of things about what i've studied when I'm high so I don't know man. Whatever you want to do... good luck dude.
  20. I have midterms this week and im in highschool [I'm a senior, 18 years old] and I still smoke, but only because I can function pretty well when I'm high.

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