Smoking dog walk and shitty dealers

Discussion in 'General' started by thescrevenator, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. So I just went on a smoking dog walk, you know ripping my spoon in the shadows of the yard? Well I'm having a great sesh and all, loving the weather and then I start to boil. My fucking dealer who was supposed to hit me up at 7:30 to get some 30's, doesn't pick up for the eighth time. This little tit licker is the most immature dealer in the world. Dank goods but impossible to "deal" with in any way. What are your thoughts on dealers like this gc?:smoking:
  2. I dont fuck with em.
  3. i hate it when they say theyll call you back, and then they dont
    and then they dont respond to texts or calls

  4. he probably has a job and his life doesnt revolve around selling dope
  5. This little asshole called me 8 times today aswell haha! I never did pick up though because I have a life aswell.

    Try growing shit buddy, he has a life to live and is not always there to sell to you. However I am a firm believer if someone says they are going to do something they damn near better do it. Maybe he got busted, or something intense happened?
  6. I dont fuck with those either.

    My people, Thier job is supplying me.
  7. Exactly. Simple.
  8. I don't have much choice right now, either go through my middle man's bullshit or not smoke....BUT things change, this weekend I met a new hookup and although he's also just a middleman, he's a lot more honest about how long it will take and what I'll be getting exactly.

    My advice is to just hope you find another dealer through friends.
  9. maybe he was just annoyed with the fact you were calling so much
  10. Lol is this guy really small or something?

    Find a new dealer if this one pisses you off so much.
  11. what if his dealer keeps delaying so he has to delay you and shit...all kinds of shit happen so stop bitchin. either find a new dealer or don't do drugs. you need him...he doesn't need you! theres alot more drug heads than dealers in his world.

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