Smoking dabs with a gaming friend that hasnt smoked in years

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    Alright, so we play fighting game: Blazblue, Persona, Guilty Gear, Undernight Inbirth, DOA. Melty Blood, Smash, all that.
    We fucked around for 10m on Project M on Dolphin then were about to move on to practice or sweep some online matches when I packed him a dab of some wicked shatter and he's been in the bathroom for the past 40 minutes sitting on the toiler doing God knows what. He hasn't smoked in an extremely long time with what I packed him I think he might be on the next Platue.

  2. I wanted to play games, he's been in the bathroom over an hr either hugging it or sitting steady. What a bummer.
  3. Get up to the door real close and just start whispering "Kill, kill, kill...Die, die, die..." :cool:
  4. H keep saying hes up and about to come out but every 10m I open the door hes leaving halfway into bathtub hugging the toilet getting mad at me cause he's 'almost' ready.
  5. Give him another dab or two. That should do the trick.

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    One and he is in another world I've never seen anyone like this,
  7. Thats ridiculous man

    Throw a sandwich at him that should help!
    Don't you have a job to do?
    don;t you have someone to kill?
    a mister Friendly? Edgar Friendly.
  9. You are walking in on him while he is in there? Does the door not have a lock? Tell him you won't smoke anymore with him cause he enjoys the bathroom more than the game room when he is high.
  10. Lol he should have built up a tolerence before taking a dab. Those unexpected ridiculous trippy "I CAN FEEL EVERYTHING!" Are so uncomfortable.
  11. Can we get an update of what happened? Orgy?
  12. lol... oh man, that dude is possibly paranoid right now. Doing a dab and hasnt even puffed for a year? DAM!!
  13. Yea I kept walking in. He looked annoyed but he was puking his brains out and laying on his back. I wasn't about to have him die.
  14. I'm not packing people dabs anymore. The last time I went over to my neighbors to smoke. The wife handles it well and is always fun to smoke with. The husband is kind of a drunk but not a bad guy. very 80's hair metal surfer dudebro. Well, I pack him a dab and he was 'oh my god I've never been this high". 10 minutes later, we can't find him and think nothing of it, still smoking. The wife goes inside to something and I hear someone calling "SHARRON!, blurgh SHARRON!", exactly like Randy Fucking March. She finds him in the shed drinking his secret stash, calls 911 because he as fucked up. Had to take my bong, blowtoarch all that and make an escape. That was bad but I feel worse about last night.
  15. Jesus man. You must have some pretty wicked shit. Iv never heard or seen anyone do that.

    I even took 2 or 3 dabs after not smoking for 2 months and I was fucking ripped, but not like that.

    Funny shit though.

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    He chugged like 3 bottles in the shed. We found him laying in the grass calling out like something straight out of South Park. I'm more bummed about my friend last night. After he came out of the bathroom he vegged out on my bed and I was so fucked up I completely forgot he was there for like and hour or two because I forgot to look behind me. He probably hates me. He definitely had a bad time. I could have packed him some good weed but I thought since he doesn't smoke I'd pack him some of the personal that would get him blasted. Bad idea.
    Oh just to notice, I just woke up like at like 9:30. First thing I did was update this lol
  17. That got me.  :lol: 

  18. Lmfao I did this to my neighbour once. And he only used to smoke leaf. When he had it I started laughing.. He was like, what? I said "I only had half of what you just had". Anyway after watching the start of the credits come in the screen fir the 1970s "Tarzan" movie he turns the t.v off thinking he just watched the whole movie, this is where I laughed so hard I got kicked out! Anyway 3 days later he calls me up to see if I'm alive. For 3 days he thought he killed me! Lmfao I'm never giving anyone dabs again!

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  19. Yeah dabs are so strong with people coming off a break of if they have never had them before. I gave my friend a dab who hasn't smoked in almost two months and he was so high for like 4 hours. He said he greened out a bit at first but then calmed down and was having so much fun. I didn't notice it looked like he has having a blast the whole time to me :p. He said at points it was a bit too intense haha
  20. Ya can't say giving a guy dabs when he hasn't smoked in years is a real good idea.  They probably weren't tiny baby dabs either were they? :smoking:

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