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smoking coffee

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rileyscool101, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. Well, i'm looking for a filler for my joints so I don't have to use a half gram for every joint I roll (I roll a lot). I don't have access to any weed becides dank, so I can't use schwag as a filler. I tried tea and I really didn't like the taste (I can't stand drinking it either). Also tried catnip, almost threw up. Don't want cancer so tobacco is a no-no.

    This leads me to coffee grounds...I really like the taste of coffee and I was wondering if anyone else has tried this? I did a little research online, and i'm getting mixed opinions, so I need some firsthand opinions.

    Have you ever smoked coffee? If so, how did it taste? Was it harsh? Did you feel any affects from the caffeine? I also thought with this, I will counter the sleepiness I get when smoking. The melting point of caffeine is 237C so I assume the smoke would also contain the caffeine.

    Please don't flame me or tell me to just drink it, the point is I want a joint filler.
  2. Tobacco or nothing. I don't prefer tobacco either, but coffee I imagine would be terrible >_>
  3. This is what I thought but a lot of people said it tastes surprisingly good. There's no way I can use tobacco, for some reason I have an inability to inhale it. Even the slightest smoke I cough my lung up, and I can take huge drags on joints and be fine.
  4. rookie

    learn to roll a pinner or get a one hitter.

    on another note
    in jail the mexicans would snort the freeze dried coffe

    when i was in rehab i got a bunch of kids to try snorting coffee with me
    but it was just grounds

    hahahahaha good times
  5. just roll tighter joints with less weed....
  6. Are you trolling tonight, sir?
  7. I hate this place
  8. How the hell am I trolling? Read my original post please.

  9. Yeah that Flash Freeze Keefe Coffee....
    That shit is currrrrency bro.
    I sell a soup for a tray all dayin jail. lmao

  10. oh come on the kids gotta learn somehow
    you might not be trolling but you are a rookie

    its all good I got love for the redbared newb.


    one time i did domino sqauts
    you lay out 20 dominos
    and squat and pick one up and then sqaut down put it down an squat twice and pick those up and so on

    untill 20

    i won alot of soups and coffee but couldnt walk for a few days.
    even got tranfered into work release and was hobbling around:cool:
  11. Just because it gives effects doesnt mean you should do it.

    If you got a strong stomach, google "krokodil"
  12. No, I wouldn't do that, that shits just retarded which is why you're getting flamed. Smoking coffee is probably worse than tobacco. Just learn to roll skinnier j's, get a bowl, or roll spliffs.
  13. The point of this thread is to figure out if I should or shouldn't do it, backed up by facts... If I shouldn't do it, what's the reason?
    Also, that drug... no thank you.
    "The amount of tissue damage is so high that addicts' life expectancies are said to be as low as two to three years" Why the hell would you ever even think about telling to me even research that?
  14. See, everyone is saying it's retarded, but why? Apparently it tastes good, and combats the fatigue brought on by smoking weed, and I like fat js. This seems like a fine idea to me, so can someone give me factual information about why I shouldn't do this, rather than calling me retarded or a troll?
  15. just dont roll joints get a bong or pipe dumb ace

  16. Man I even hustle my ass off in jail...
    I would pay somebody to braid a hankerchief off the comissary, then pay someone to draw on it, then raffle it off for soups/chips w/e.
    That's 30$ in hand, eatin' good in the niehgborhood.
    Taking empty chip bags and makin' spread with chilllie, jalapeno cheese, fritos, pickle and tuna... Let those noodles blow up then MANNN sleepin' good that night.
    I know about dominoe squats but we do the deck of cards down here.
    Same shit pretty much.. God I don't miss those days.
  17. If you want to mix weed with coffee then maybe smoking isnt your thing..I'd say try drinking you can mix liquor with coffee lol
  18. roll jays with some of the herbs grasscity sells.

    get a credit card from wallmart or a friend.

    the herbs are more ment for smoking then the coffee man.

    go to a smoke shop and they have blends that arnt tabacy
    whatevver they are they are smokable:cool:

    good luck blade
  19. OKAY SERIOUSLY. No body has given me a reason as to why I shouldn't do this, besides "i'm a retard, or dumbass." Please someone explain to me why I shouldn't. Does it taste terrible, does it give me a huge headache, does it destroy my lungs, does it turn me into a zombie? Stop telling me to just smoke out of a bong, I like joints for their convenience and their ability to be thrown incase of the pigs. Please please please give me a straight answer.
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