Smoking Changed My Life

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  1. I feel compelled to share what a positive impact that Cannabis has had on my life with all of GC this evening. 
    Back in my early high school days (Freshman-Sophomore) I was a socially awkward kid because of what I now realized was due to social anxiety. Whenever I was the center of attention or exposed to large groups of people I would become jumpy, my heart started racing and nothing I did could change how my body would react to these scenarios. 
    Fast forward to my Junior year when my best friend introduced me to Mary Jane.. The more I started smoking, the more relaxed I started to become.. High or Sober. I could feel my body transition from a fidgety state to a more relaxed and mellow lifestyle. I began to embrace life without limitations, rather than being that awkward kid in the corner I was the center of attention cracking jokes with everybody. By my Senior year I was the 'Class Clown' so to speak. 
    I never truly realized this or respected what Marijuana has done for my life until today, now my Junior year of college, nearly 4 years after my first bong hit. After coming off a lengthy tolerance break to pass drug tests for Jobs I started to become that fidgety, socially awkward kid I broke away from years ago.. Now I've been toking it up daily and feel the mellowness coming back which is the reason behind my rant to all of you tonight. 
    This is proof to all the people who doubt Marijuana's capabilities, thinking it will ruin your life. Marijuana didn't ruin my life, it allowed me to Live without limitations. 

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