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Smoking causes bloating or Puffy Face

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bM9WE1, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. smoking joints and i get a nasty puffy face the next day and doesn't go away for days, will vaporizing make this stop or is it from THC in my system?
  2. wtf?? Wow this is new.. You can try vaping, could be the smoke. Let's hope you're not somehow allergic to weed, that's something I've never heard of before.
  3. not allergic at all, its just what i understand as bloating or fluid retention, im guessing its from the smoke itself, but it could be the thc.
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    In that case, do you eat a lot of processed foods? Or a lot of salty foods? Also do you drink a lot of water? I think if that's the case that mainly you eat the typical things most Americans do, hot pockets, chips, pizza, burgers, etc you should look into adding more healthy things. I think if you drink plenty of water and add more citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables to your diet it will really help. there's a reason our bodies are 75% water and fruits and vegetables are also 75% water. However if that's not the case and your eating healthy could be more serious
  5. Why you puffy faced monkey you!!! It's. Just you puffy. Maybe. Your Face is just fat.
  6. Buddha boy
  7. That is very strangee, you must be allergic to something....lets hope it is just the smoke! Try eating healthier and drinking a tonne of water, if this doesnt help try the vape bro. If your lucky that might solve your problem. To let ya know though no one will be able to accurately diagnose you over the internet and let you know for sure, its really just gonna have to be trial and error. If you really do care about this the smartest thing would be to see your doctor and ask him about it...if anyone could tell you whats going on and offer solutions he would be that man!
  8. maybe u just get the munchies and eat too much shitty food when ur high
  9. Your entire face gets puffy or does the area around your eyes get puffy? If its your entire face... I've never heard of that.
  10. if you live in a medical state, i would seriously go get that checked out before you smoke again.

    if you live in a non-medical state, most doctors will probably give you the lecture on "how bad weed is in the first place." tell them to fuck off, and than get to the point (i would do this before smoking again as well).

    allergic reactions arent anything to mess with.


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