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Smoking buddy not so “buddy-buddy”

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Choco_Bear, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Hey guys and gals

    Here’s my situation, so I have an ex that I used to smoke with and even though we’re still friendly I’ve been getting less than subtle hints that my stopping by isn’t all that appreciated anymore. Plus she moved far enough away that even though it’s not a crazy far drive it’s definitely not convenient.

    So my question, you ever have the relationship with your supply go south or maybe move and have to find a new smoking buddy? Any advice on starting over?


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  2. Well if she's your ex then yeah, she probably wants you to hit the road, jack, lol

    Don't you have any other friends that smoke ? Gotta be someone.
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  3. I do, but funny thing is he would ask me to get extra for him when I would visit my ex lol

    There is one other long shot, but the last time I asked about his connect (because I kinda saw the “uncomfortableness” starting with my ex) he said his guy got arrested, so I’m not holding out much hope.

    That’s kinda what lead me to reach out for ideas because my options aren’t great

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  4. Fuck.

    Uuuuuh, just find more people around you that smoke , I guess. Go to local shows or something. Like music and shit.
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  5. Yeah, this is definitely a situation where you should try to meet someone else who smokes, that can also hook you up with a dealer. Relying on just other people who smoke for supply is a soul-draining, tedious, non-sustainable endeavor, not to mention it can easily fuck things up between you and close friends. This way, not only do you have a new, better smoking buddy, but you have an actual supply. It's not too hard to spot out people who probably smoke, and the worthwhile ones will be friendly and easy to conversate with on the matter.

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  6. That sucks man I am really sorry to hear that. I would try to find some new friends who smoke and who are also enjoyable to be around. Trust me surrounding yourself with people who actually conversate while smoking is very much worth it.
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  7. If you can afford a donation to NORML you can get a t-shirt that's a good intro to tokers. Can your ex hook you up with their dealer? You could also do a small grow. Good luck.
  8. Move on. People will come and go throughout the rest of your life. We aren't meant to be friends for ever with everyone we meet.
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  9. She probably could hook me up with her guy, but she moved and it’s not exactly close. I used to justify the drive because we could smoke, grab some food, catch up, etc. Driving all that way just to turn around and come home doesn’t seem worth it. Also with my current living situation a grow is a little risky. I really like the NORML though. Do they have local events because that sounds like a great way to meet some people

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  10. Thanks everyone for the advice I really appreciate it. This has been a long time coming because like I said things had become increasingly awkward and I really didn’t want to keep intruding on her life like that. I’m kinda awkward myself so I held out on making new friends, but I think that’s probably gonna be the best solution for both of us.

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    Log onto NORMLs web site and check for an office near you. Good luck.
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  12. Cool I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks again

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  13. Your buddy ran into your ex at the circle k and asked her if she had anything for sell. Blam bypassed your ass and now doesn't have to go thru you anymore. Now he is fucking her and when you come by, he is hiding in the closet. Think brother think.

    it's getting pretty squanchy in here!

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