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Smoking Bud ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JerseyTGod, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Ok i been smoking for years since i was 16 im 21 now
    and i never looked into it does smoking cause cancer
    some research says it does and some it doesn't this is something i am wondering
    if someone could shed some light on this i smoke no cigarettes just bud
  2. Not at all. Multiple studies proved it as a protective killer towards tumors and abnormal cell division. The only concept of marijuana that "isn't healthy" is the intake of smoke into your lungs. ANY smoke being taken in from weed, crack, cigarettes, etc. is harmful but weed is the most natural out of every drug.
  3. we'll of course it does lol but what im saying as inhaling marijuana like everyone does causes ? lung cancer
  4. Any kind of smoke inhalation is going to be bad for you, marijuana to tea leaves, its not good for the lungs and you cant dispute that, not sure what the odds are for cancer after long term weed smoking, im positive you cant be immune to it just cause you smoke weed.
  5. No, I've never heard of anyone get lung cancer from weed, and no one has ever died from it, just be responsible with it and always hve your work and everything come first before weed, update the thread if you do smoke and tell us how it is
  6. The actual smoking i.e inhaling of smoke or burnt plant material or any material really into the lungs, is bad for you ..... the weed itself however does not cause cancer. So try if you are worried, try vaping or edibles :)
  7. You've been smoking for 5 years and have only just started researching? Do you not care about what goes into your body, my man? Cannabis-only smoking will not cause lung cancer or any kind of cancer. There are actually cannaboids in cannabis that actually fight cancer cells. All is well, my friend. It can actually strengthen your lung capacity (as some studies have said). Good luck!
  8. Smoking is bad for your lungs, its just common sense. If you are truly concerned about tars and other irritants building up in your lungs, you should think about buying a vaporizer like the Da Buddha or Extreme Q. Those are the best priced vaporizers for their function in my experience. :wave:
  9. It isn't good for your lungs, but I have yet to meet someone who has got cancer from smoking.
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    Cannabis smokers have better lung function and capacity, and a lower instance of lung and other cancers, than people who don't smoke at all.

    Using the same studies, that show substances like tobacco can cause a 20 fold increase in the risk for lung cancers and respiratory failure, on the same groups of people, they have determined that cannabis smokers compare to non-smokers in all ways, except that they tend to be healthier and have a lower risk for disease.

    Older studies used to jump to conclusions... cannabis tends to have more resin and glandular material, roughly five times the amount as tobacco according to some studies, therefor it creates more 'tar', and 'must' be that much worse than the byproducts produced by tobacco... if tobacco causes x-amount of cancer, then cannabis 'must' cause x-amount as well.

    That's false logic, where the substances themselves are entirely different.

    For instance, the same volume of tar from smoking tea leaves, and many other herbs and plants, does not produce nearly as many health complications as tobacco.

    These studies and assumptions proved nothing at all, without actually studying the people who use the substance.

    But their desperately biased proclamations, began myths and propaganda, that we're still dealing with today (as we've seen right here!).

    Things eventually changed for the better, when they stopped simply studying the amount of resin per unit, and when instead, they began actually studying the people who smoked it.

    Some of the scientists and doctors who were once employed by the government, specifically to find fault with cannabis use, switched to our side after their studies were completed (often times after their superiors denied them publishing rights... they didn't like the answers they found)!

    Some links for you...

    Cannabis smokers show greater lung capacity and lower cancer levels than non-smokers

    Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity, study shows - Vitals

    Is Pot Good for Lungs? New Marijuana Study Adds to Health-Effects Debate - The Daily Beast

    Study: Smoking Marijuana Not Linked with Lung Damage | Healthland |

    The potentially worst thing about cannabis use is that, due to the black market, you don't know how well or safely it was grown, and flushed....

    In other words, the government and prohibition, are THE most dangerous things about our favorite 'herb'.
  11. you are good man, if you are worried lay off the blunts and use only "friendly" rolling papers lol thats more dangerous than the herb

  12. This.

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