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smoking bible paper bad?

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by goofy96, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. i sometimes rip a piece where there isn't any ink but people say that it's still bad cause it got chemicals in the paper hence the paper's shiny when u look at it sideways
  2. LOL here I came in thinking that this was a moral question, and I was going to say only if you're Christian, but then nah...

    So your actual question being answered: smoking is bad for you, you're inhaling combusted organic matter. Will a little paper kill you? No. Is it the best way to smoke? No. Are there better alternatives? Yes.

    Just as eating one doughnut won't make you fat, smoking a little paper won't destroy you either.
  3. Just buy some RAWs bruh..
  4. aint talking about the ink. im saying on some pages there are ink but i smoke the ones that are blank.
  5. It's the best use I've heard a bible being used for. Fuck it, if you're out of papers there is no other choice.

  6. u listen to spaceghostpurrp?
  7. Smoking it? Probably.

    Burning it? Go for it.
  8. you mean the clear thinner papers at the back of the bible right?

  9. yeah or like the pages with the table of contents but just the places without ink. i was thinking about making an apple pipe but i can't eat it or trash it.
  10. Yeah you fuck wit him?
  11. it generally burns yellow so id say no, shoe box paper would be better if you have it... idk why you cant get rid of an apple:confused: so foil pipe if you must
  12. don't smoke that shit man. use rolling papers

    my first joint ever was with bible paper and i almost coughed up a fucking lung
  13. Some bible pages are a lot thinner than others...I've seen a red king james version bible with thin as fuck pages compared to other bibles
  14. Just go for it, it won't kill you, like seriously, if you're out of papers and don't want to smoke a bible, just use a bong or pipe.:smoking:<:bongin:

  15. only his beats like pretty flacko but not as a rapper

    i got braces and if i try to eat then i'll break my brackets. give me some more ideas....
  16. reading it will fuck you up more
  17. I have a pocket bible I keep in my car for emergency papers. I'm an atheist, but hell, it actually got me out of a ticket one time.
  18. u know what fuck it im gonna try to make a banana pipe
  19. Too soft, just get an apple or a small pipe or some rolling papers. Also yes bible papers are no good, loaded with chemicals, stop using them.
  20. Why not just buy some papers?
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