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smoking before work?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ilofty333, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Anyone smoke before work? Well sly question there is bound to be someone who does haha but personally I don't find it a good Idea to get high before work

    What are your views on this? Where I work there are no drug tests (thank god) and I work in a kitchen so I don't think that it would be a good idea haha
  2. I smoke before work all the time. I smoke during work all the time too.
    If you've got a job that isn't important like mine (overnight stock job) or not working on heavy machinery then I don't give a shit lol
  3. I did it a couple of times, I'm an electrical apprentice.
  4. I blaze before work to get through the boredom and retards I deal with. Work at a extremely quiet subway
  5. I'm a golf caddy and I haven't found it a good idea to smoke because I think I just won't pay attention.... To anything haha

    That's basically all I have to do

    There was this one caddy, came straight from a party the night before.

    He was so fucked up that he was doing pull ups on a tree while he was caddying
  6. I almost always smoke before I head off to work. I asked this same question once and the response I got was, "As long as you can still do your job, it isn't a bad thing." I work as a Prep Cook btw and if your concern is dealing with knives, I suggest wearing a cut-resistant glove. Oh, and always use eyedrops and cover up the smell, chapstick helps with dry lips ;)
  7. So I work a campus job at my Uni where I do some driving - I deliver mail. I used to blaze before work like everyday, puffin tough; like smokin a gram but then it started to feel like a waste of a high.

    So I stopped. It's been about a year or so now since I've smoked for work but randomly today I felt like it would've been nice to blaze a bit before coming in - I might tomorrow if I feel like it :)

    It certainly makes the bus ride better :smoke:
  8. Deuro where I work isn't that kind of kitchen, it's a small pub kitchen that I work part time while studying. I just thought if I went to work high everything will be awesome but time goes slow as it is and I think if a smoked then it would feel like I'm there for ever haha
  9. I used to when I was a slaughterman..... before, during and after lol ----- and Fridays were powder / pill days lmfao.

    Couldnt do it these days though..... wear a suit at work ;)
  10. if the work sucked...ya...if it needed more of my focus, no.

    way back when dinosaurs laid eggs, me at 17-18, I toked before, during and after 'work' and was still making more then some full time employees (7.50/hr back then was pretty damned spiffy, that's about 14/hr in today's money, as a high school kid cooking steaks...)
  11. I smoke before work about 98 percent of the time.

    I used to work at the airport and I'd use to smoke before work then too. I'd get to work at about 4:30 am just so I'd have enough to time to blaze up. :laughing:
  12. I love smoking before work, I wash dishes and its awesome when your high haha Bcuz you dont give a shit
  13. I am at work right now and I smoked lol, burned out and tired tho :c
  14. [quote name='"NeverMistakeMe"']I am at work right now and I smoked lol, burned out and tired tho :c[/quote]

    That's what I was thinking too Haha in my kitchen, it gets busy and if I smoked before work I know for a fact ill work slow and get burnt out quick :laughing:
  15. I have to smoke before work, wouldn't be caught dead being not high at work. Although I do just work for my college. Smoke on all the breaks and smoke a 45 minute vape bowl with my coworkers everyday at lunch. Makes work muuuuuch easier.
  16. I'm with the person that said as long as you can do your job. There are days I can smoke before/during and there are days where I've got too much complex stuff to deal with to be in that state. I enjoy my days smoked and my days now equally. I tend to smoke on boring days or days where I have tasks that any idiot can perform on deck...days where I design, make serious decisions, etc, I don't at all.
  17. Also, on days I go into the office, my car ride is fairly long. I tend to bring something with for the ride home.
  18. I can't go to work blazed as fuck because my job needs focus, I don't work at some Gas Station or at Taco Bell like most of you so if I do I have to blaze as soon as I awake or at least an hour before work.
  19. I've done it pretty regularly with other jobs, but my steady job right now because college is starting up again is working a 7-Eleven and trust me...walking in behind that counter is a dangerous place to be stoned, and im sure you can all imagine why.

    The taquitos rotating on the grill are quite taunting.
  20. i dont usually smoke before work, but i do blaze hardcore after :p

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