Smoking before work.

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  1. I'm sure a lot of people do this. If you don't, why not?

    I started doing this recently. Only I get really fucking stoned before work (and driving there.) I'll take a gravity bong hit before I head off (terrible 25+min drive) and arrive blazed out of my mind. I'll put in some eye drops and head inside the store.

    I work for a large retailer of consumer electronics as a sales person, sometimes being high makes the job easier. I feel it makes it go by faster. I have an easier time interacting with customers.

    Sometimes I get nervous that someone will know I'm high. I haven't gotten the "are you high?" question or any of that stuff. However a girl did once tell me "you look really tired" after I came in for a 3 pm weekday shift.
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  3. I don't because smoking increases my anxiety when I have to be around people.

    I smoke at home, and only at home. It's worked for me for almost a decade
  4. Yeah. Im a cook so it makes it better. A bad day is going in not high :laughing: If i work register i dont smoke until i close and step out for a bowl or two. :eek::smoke:

  5. It's the opposite with me. I'll thrive in the spotlight and attention if I'm high. I noticed when I used to smoke before school (college), I would participate and be more active in my labs.
  6. If I smoke a single bowl I'll b good to go for work but if I smoke more than that I usually feel too tired or less productive.
  7. a few hits of some strong sativa before work is just amazing
  8. Smoking on the roof of your workplace with coworkers is also a pretty fun activity. I work 2nd shift at a hotel, so at like 8pm the only people there working are the people that i smoke with and 1 more person that doesn't give a shit. Sometimes the joint is followed by a shot or 2. God damn,irresponsibility all around.
  9. I used to smoke on the way to work. Rush hour traffic just killed my buzz.
  10. I'm a valet and I've only gone in to work not stoned once or twice. I work 5 (at most) hour shifts and make $150-300 a shift. Couldn't ask for anything better.

    I'm very productive when I'm high and never have had any slip ups because of me being high. My boss will call me before work sometimes as a joke to make sure I'm not too ripped to go in.
  11. i do too :x and they always think i'm tired its kind of annoying honestly lol

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