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Smoking before or after eating ?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. do you enjoy to blaze then eat a nice big meal, or eat a nice big meal then blaze.

    I cant seem to decide, im bout to go eat though so grubbin down then smokin a bowl afterwords sounds pretty good.
  2. Weed is great b/c it's great right before a meal, or right after! I would go with right before I eat so I can enjoy the food more.
  3. {raises his hands}
    "ugh me, me !!"

    {starts jumping on his chair}
    "pick me pick me !!"


    "yes Gri77oN, what's your answer?"

    {stands up, waits before speaking}



  4. smoke a bong bowl before eating, chill on a hookah while eating, and then smoke a j after eating.
  5. lmao torchy
  6. nah guys, da best way is to smoke before, that way you'll kill 2 birds with one stone..

  7. I pick my 700th post for this comment...


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  8. amen...
  9. I'll postpone eating food until I'm stoned, 'cos I know I'll just want more food if I eat then toke.

  10. Yeah, that's how I feel. Especially if you have limited have to smoke first, then eat. Or else you'll just get hungry again.
  11. I like both, sometimes I smoke after I eat and my stomach will settle just right, but I like to smoke before too, cuz then the food taste a lot better !! :)
  12. Doesnt matter, after you toke a bowl, you gonna be hungry anyways. better yet, make some chow-brownies! Problem solved.
  13. Well, since I'm sittin here with a bowl o chicken and a bowl o bud I'll answer yer question.

    Eat, toke, eat, toke, repeat until both bowls are empty.


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