smoking before church??

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  1. Lol. I just did this today. Hahahaha I love God for creating incredible :smoke: marijuana plants
  2. When i was younger and my parents made me go to church i did once. It took every ounce of willpower i had to keep from laughing my ass off at out monotonous monsignor. I used to smoke all the time before the classes i had to go to to get confirmed.
  3. Being hugh is the only way i can listen toa pastor drone on in church!:)
  4. It was actually evolution... WHAT???
  5. Evolution and christianity, r bothe fucking hard for me to believe... Idk how i feel either way:(
  6. Personally, that would be the only way for me to step into a church, if I were blitzed out of my skull. I normally can't stand fairy tales ;)
  7. ^^ this shit mad me laugh:)
  8. It's like what Jadakiss said "It's ironic but it works, Sorta kinda like blow'n chronic in the church":laughing:
  9. OP is going to hell
  10. lol why would you even go to church if you're gunna be high
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    Because he goes to this church :D

    Temple 420
  12. Haha I have a short story:

    When I was a bit younger, me and a friend from freshman year met up. Him and I always burned, but this time he asked me if he could bring along a kid from his neighborhood. I say sure, cause this kid has a nice ass bubbler, and its cool to smoke out new people. Well were longboarding to the lake to smoke, we grind up the herb sprinkle are kief on the bowls got supper blitzed. Sat at the lake; talking about so much shit, we couldn't bare to stand up and longboard home! The new kids phone rings: its his dad, telling him to come home it's time for church..I say damn.. how are you going to go baked!? He told me "its all good my dads the pastor." I was like damn..Sure enough I had smoke outs with him a few times after that, and he went to perfect land baked everytime..^_^
  13. op will burn in hell, you have forsaken our lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!
  14. I did this once and it was amazing. I as at a friends house and had to go to church and I smoked a lot and started to get scared. After I got there it was funny as hell. I started acting like I was all into it. Its definitely something to try lol :bongin:
  15. I'm glad most are on the same level as me. I didn't want to go, but was forced. Everything was funny as fuck to me, that's for sure. :smoke:

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