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Smoking before and/or during work?!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Doof, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. When I was working at McDonald's I did for awhile because I always worked first window and that's the kind of spot you can turn into a robot so you can be high out of your mind.

    Nowadays I don't like to get high for work unless I'm working a job where I don't have a lot of interaction with people. Pizza delivery guy was the best.
  2. Me and my friend spark before work every Sunday. We work in the kitchen/dining room of a really nice senior home. We all just got MFLB's and I'll be doing room services and just hitting it in the halls. I always bring extra food and eat it in the elevator too, haha.
  3. I blazed today before work since i came in later than usual and i had nothing else to do at home, anyways 5 minutes after coming in i got the munchiese like no ones buissness, 2 hours later i finally get to grub, got some chicken tenders and an arizona
  4. I smoke before work and I work for an attorney. I also smoke during my lunch.

    It definitely makes work more enjoyable and my things get on my nerves way less.
  5. I ate then smoked a nice little bowl im mellowed out about to go in now. I work at a pub on a college campus its cool pretty chill and i get hit on by the black girls;) but i hate workin it to 230 in the am.
  6. Today:

    Smoked before work

    Morning break

    Lunch break

    Afternoon break

  7. I used to smoke when doing security nightshifts, no one around, nothing ever happened, ever. 12 hours by myself with a TV, and internet connection.
  8. i smoke before like a hour or so or if i work all day ill go to my car on my break light up a bowl :cool:
  9. I forgot to say i usually can get free beer too so my job is pretty cool for a young person not going to school
  10. I take a BIG rip from the bong before i leave the house, then half a blunt during lunch, and the other half on the way home. I have a corporate gig, so the only time i had to take a drug test, was when I got hired. Visine is a life saver.
  11. Hah I went to work high once... Never again. I can't work high at all. I was a cashier at Walmart when I did this, and I was sooo fucked up. Everything was fine until this family bought a shit ton of food then paid with food stamps. I was high as balls and I forgot the keys I was supposed to press for food stamps, and this family walked out of the store with $70 of the food they were buying for free. My ass almost got fired for it.

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