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Smoking before and/or during work?!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Doof, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. I was wondering if anyone smokes before they go into work, and/or smokes during? And if so, what kind of work do u do? I usually blaze a bowl before work and I work on a forklift and delivering goods from our shop.
  2. i blaze before work and used to blaze at work until i was stupid a brought my pipe into the plant instead of leaving it in the car
    worked at a heavy metal factory making car parts for honda ford, jeep and others
  3. I used to before and during my lunch. Now I occasionally do before. And I work at a Crocs store
  4. In the past before and during. Grocery stores, factories, fitness clubs and gas stations. Now I've chilled. Going to work high is fun for sure but the same way you know who's high even after they've dropped visine others do as well. The herb is a well known drug, and statistically speaking one in every three people at your workplace have or do smoke weed. They know you're high.

    Now I kind of see smoking and going to work like drinking and going to work. It's not a great look.
  5. Sometimes I do, im an electrician
  6. I smoke a bunch of good shit before work. I'm a surgeon :)
  7. I was cars. I work with a bunch if older people Andalusia few teens. I usually do a bowl before going in and another bowl or two during my lunch break.
  8. Before I walk out the door, at lunch, before I leave, while I'm driving home, when I get home, and last but not least before bed.:D

    I work in a production factory making tires for a major tire company.

    Fuck the world!:D
  9. I used too.

    Ill smoke on my lunch break occasionally, i hate feeling tired while im at work though lol.

    I work in a CarQuest Distribution Center.

  10. Get on some of that Sativa!
  11. In my opinion work goes to slow while high
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  12. I go to work frequently, I work at Best Buy. Counting cash is so much harder stoned though.
  13. 1/2 the people who work at Disney world. <--- former employee
  14. Since I need to have absolute focus during work hours, I do not smoke cannabis before or during work. I am a radiologist.
  15. Dude I bet! Sometimes at the store while I'm dummy lit and counting cash out I
    Fuck up ! Haha
  16. Damn that's crazy! Your a radiologist? Thats what I'm gonna be going to school for! They don't drug test you at all or what?
  17. No medical for me, so I never really have a choice :(

    Whatever the weed man has, is what i get lol.
  18. My job doesn't drug test, and I'm not stupid enough to show up high so they start! lol.

    Just wait till you get home to celebrate the work day ending, keep your tolerance in check.
  19. Before work, at breaks, at lunch, at work when the suporvisor dips out. Work for my college campus cleaning crew. Super easy
  20. Working around airplanes stoned aint a good idea haha. It's intense and stressful so when I get home I hit it hard. Errrrday

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