Smoking before and after surgery with anesthesia

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  1. hi so many people ask about the effects of smoking weed before and after having gone through surgery and anesthesia. when i researched this topic i couldnt find much that helped me answer my questions.
    i have recently had surgery on my knee and smoked before and after the surgery. 2 days before my surgery i asked my anestheologist if smoking the day/night before my surgery would have any negative effects on it. he told me that it would not influence my anesthesia or my surgery as long as it is a known fact to the doctors that you have done so. i smoked a couple of spliffs throughout the day and one more before going to sleep (round 11 PM) the night before my surgery, my surgery was at 9 am the following day. everything went well during the surgery and i had no problems afterwards. i had to stay two nights in the hospital after my surgery which is normal when having had surgery with an anesthesia. the day after my surgery a friend of mine came to visit me and brought a spliff which we then smoked in the afternoon, i only took like 5 or 6 puffs as i could feel the effect allot faster than usual. another thing i noticed which at first worried me was that my breathing became a bit harder when i was smoking. after the spliff i was a bit dizzy and bloodpressure increased. i just layed back down in my bed and chilled out, i was also very tired after those couple of hits which was quite suprising to me. however nothing bad happened and after having slept like 3 hours i felt normal.
    so if you want to smoke the day before the surgery it should not be a problem just make sure that you tell youre anestheologist that you have done so so he can adjust the dosage of the anesthesia. when smokig  after surgery i would advice you to wait a day or two and see how you are feeling. also remember that everybody is different and that smoking before and after youre surgery can lead to different effects on youre body. generally i would say that there is no real dangers when smoking a day before the surgery, however after surgery and anesthesia its different and i would advice to wait atleast a day before toking up again. and dont be afraid to talk to youre doctor about this issue!! as it is very important for them to know so that nothing goes wrong!
    hope this information is useful for some people, and happy smoking everybody ;)

  2. I would strongly recommend anyone smoking, vaping, or consuming weed in any manner what so ever when anesthesia will be a concern, to ask their doctor and/or anesthesiologist! They're not gonna give a fuck that it's illegal or whatever. Their concern is keeping you alive. You'd be stupid not to be worried about interactions. Anesthesia is nothing to fuck with and different people with different ailments will react differently. Some people just never wake up from it for no particular reason. 
  3. Since weed fucks with your blood pressure it would be stupid as fuck to smoke before being put under for surgery.

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