smoking bannana peels

Discussion in 'General' started by litta_j, May 5, 2006.

  1. has anyone ever herd of smoking bannana peels?
  2. na dude but i heard of this crazy shit called pot it's suppose to be awsome but i have personally never tried it.
    ya but serioursly dont smoke banna peels for fuck sake just buy some weed bro
  3. Dude, its not fun smoking banana peels, its fun to TELL KIDS to smoke banana peels ;)
  4. hahahaha +rep
  5. man bannana peels that shit just sounds stupid who would do that and why i mean if you really want to go ahead
  6. Mmm, in a desperation I am ashamed to say yes I have smoked banana peels. The smoke is harsh, has a strange taste, and doesn't really make you feel anything.

    But if you wanna try it out, go for it!
  7. This is me banging my head on the keyboard.


    Thank you.
  8. watch your friends do it.
  9. as lebowski said, it's fun tellin' people that it's the BOMB!

    same with nutmeg, haha i mean yeah it makes you intoxicated but does anybody enjoy nutmeg, tell people to eat a bunch of nutmeg and laugh at their expense haha...:devious:
  10. My science teacher explained this to me when I was younger. He said that smoking anything will more that likely give you a mild head rush, due to lowered oxygen levels in the brain, but unless there is actually an active chemical in it, such as THC in weed, that's about all your gonna get. If you do get any kind of 'high' it is more than likely a placebo affect that your only feeling because you anticipated feeling something. In other words, I wouldn't suggest smoking bananna peels, stick to the sticky icky.
  11. hahahaha.


  12. no i have never heard of smokin it..but i heard if you put ora-gel(for tooth aches) on a orange pill and let it sit for 3 days in the sun and eat trip balls..but thats just what i heard.. and i wouldnt wanna eat a 3 day old orange pill with ora-gel on it..i couldnt even imagine the horrible taste.
  13. how the hell did you find this thread? its from three years ago. :confused_2:

    banana peels :laughing:
  14. Wow mega bump.

    Just to clear up smoking banana peal will do fuck all.

    I believe it was a rumour started by a couple of hippies to see if they could make it stick and get bananas illegal. They did it as a comparison to weed. Meaning it shouldn't be illegal.

    I dunno if that made sense.
  15. yeah they contain some tryptamines i think, but smoking it will do little to none.
  16. Its in the Anarchist cookbook, thats where it came from. The book has been alsttered and no, you cant get high
  17. 1. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    2. don't do it, that's really dumb, "bananadine" is a myth there is nothing in banana's that will get you high.
  18. ive tried it when i was 16
    it didnt work
    and i think i didnt do exactly what i was supposed to do.
    oh well..whatever

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