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  1. I work at a restaurant and do it on the back dock with a sneak a toke, how about you guys?

    Oh and IDC if your gouing to tell me not too. Im aware I can be fired and i also dont care.
  2. Im an assistant manager at a restaurant and sneak a few bowls throughout the day almost every shift D:
  3. Smoke on the way into work (plastic bottle bong in the car while driving with knee). 30 minutes with windows down at 60 MPH. (gets awful cold in the winter, but that's the price of being hardcore!). Eye-ball lube at stop light. Eat a little something on the way in, and pop the gum. Immediately go to bathroom upon arrival, lock door, wash hands and face. Work circles around co-workers. (important diversionary tactic).

    Leave for lunch break, load another bong hit. Again do the hit while driving, hard to see what someone is doing when they fly by at 60, but still I make sure nobody is around, about to pass me, or closely oncoming. Hit the fast food joint, drive with windows down, eye-ball lube at stop light. Eat a little something on the way in, and pop the gum. Immediately go to bathroom upon arrival, lock door, wash hands and face. Work circles around co-workers.

    Co-workers? Sheriff deputies, and other county sheriff employees. No issues after 13 + years of smoking out at work. Maxim says I get 50 "ballsy" points for "smoked weed at work once". I do it every day.

    Look: When I say I work for the county people automatically assume "sheriff's department?" That's the look you want, not the stringy haired "hippy" look.
  4. Thats hardcore. I wouldnt want a bong in the car, I try not to use a piece while driving.
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    Yeah, don't get pulled over. Been pulled over while packing the "piece" 3 times. Pulled out of car twice. They never found it, even though they were looking right at it. As soon as the red&blues lit up I drop the windows, spray a small squirt of lysol INSIDE the plastic Minute Maid Bottle, , then put it in fast-food bag. Separate bowl from stem by unscrewing (I always keep my stems clean, it takes less than 2 minutes with rubbing alcohol) so it barely has any residue, and none on the outside. Place bowl on keyring with quick-hook, and put pencil through downstem and place in console. (practice this while driving so it doesn't look like you're frantically working on shit when they hit you with the flood light)

    Be NICE to the officer, and pull off to a SIDE street, not on the side of a freeway or major street. If they ask why you didn't IMMEDIATELY pull over say that you didn't feel he'd be safe getting out of his vehicle on the main road, you wanted to be safe. (this gives you the amount of time you need to conceal, and big bonus points with the officer ususally). Also I hold my hands out of the window as soon as I stop, until they tell me to do something, like produce insurance, registration etc. "why are you holding your hands out the window?" "I just want you help you feel safe, sir". If you show concern for them, they're automatically much more amicable.

    Fortunately each time I've been searched I'd already smoked the last of it, so the stem and plastic bottle were the only contraband. So I guess that's a "DO". Only take what you can dispose of.

    Its the LOOK that helps you out in this situation as well. They'll pull any "long-hair" out and search specifically FOR weed. I was pulled out of car both times for "field sobriety" (DUI checkpoint) even after saying "no" to "have you been drinking?" Passed easily of course, but while one guy is doing the Field Test, the other officers were searching my vehicle. They're just expecting to see: A bag of weed, or a metal, or glass pipe, or a "sneak a toke", the basic paraphernalia. the way I make a bong, you couldn't tell its a bong unless you really scrutinize it.
    Pencil Grip:[​IMG]bowl is in there:[​IMG] Travel hits:[​IMG]

    The pulled-overs also occured when I was young and still perfecting the method. Now, I'll check for local DUI checkpoints that are planned (at work), and avoid them. And if a cop is near me, I'll re-route even if it costs me some serious time. Being in the garage when I start the car, I can check all the lights by keeping the garage door closed for a second, and do a headlight, taillight, brakelight, and turn signal tests checking for reflection off the wall in front or the garage door in back. VERY important.
  6. Yeah, a roach is way easier to dispose of. But I also have some shoes you can fit a small piece in if i need too.
  7. x1134x <- That guy is hardcore.

    And very detailed and meticulous too. I like how he does his business.


    I smoke on my way to work. Then at lunch, and then on my way home.

    Sometimes I smoke in between smokes.

    Sometimes I make a roach... but mostly I use the pipe.

    Oh, and always I smoke in my car. On the move. The car is clean... new... so I don't get stopped by the traffic police often.

    I have my weed and its apparatus in a stainless thermostat bottle. It looks like I'm carrying my own coffee or tea. Then I put the bottle in a gym bag, which has some clothes and socks... but I never go to gym.

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