Smoking at concert?

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  1. I'm going to a Fleet Foxes concert at Berkeley Theatre in Berkeley, CA. Does anyone know how weed friendly it is there? It would just be nice to smoke a j while watching. Will people care?
  2. I don't know, but I'd just sneak it in and be sneaky about it if it's a standing room concert.
  3. Yeah, i guess I should have mentioned that. It's general admission, standing concert.

  4. Fucker, that's the name I tried to use when I made this account.


    I've gotten lucky with shows in the past bringing bowls/blunts in. The ideal thing is to smoke before and not risk security kicking you out. Then you miss the show and you're fucked.

    Berkeley may require a patdown before entering where cops tend to stand.

    Unless you're at a reggae or rap show where you know everyone will be smoking.. I advise against it.
  5. I'm not sure about that specific place but as long as there's a lot of people there, you should be good. just put it in your sock or something, personally I've never been searched at a concert, but it can happen.

    also the fleet foxes are fucking awesome! I'd love to seem them live. definitely gonna be a kickass show.
  6. I was just at reggae legends. Everyone was getting baked, and giving a heads up if security was coming. It was straight.
  7. you're seeing fleet foxes? lucky bastard. should be a sick show. it depends on the venue, ie if it's small, if security is tight, if cigarettes are allowed, etc. if cigs are allowed and the venue isn't tiny, chances are you can get away with smoking a joint or a bowl or something. i saw widespread panic like 5 years ago at st pete times forum and the place was completely hotboxed. and then i saw p groove at a little theatre in tampa and my buddy got kicked out as soon as he lit the bowl.

    just be cautious and observe your surroundings wisely. and have fun, i wish i was going to fleet foxes.
  8. I had a blunt passed to me at a Wiz Khalifa concert, by the time I finished hitting the blunt and passed it, I had a J passed to me. People just pass everything around and don't really give a fuck.
  9. It's not really a big deal. I've smoked out bands that have played in small venues and havent ever had any problems. So smokin a J to yourself shouldnt be a big deal.
  10. Ok, I think I can deal with security. But have you ever had other people around you complain, especially at a non-rap/reggae concert?
  11. Usealy if it's 18+ people will care less. Just look around, if there's other people smoking, go ahead.

    And when security searches you when you go in, they're usealy not looking for weed, they're looking for weapons
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    Haven't been in a Fleet Foxes type of crowd. Never an actual complaint at the shows I've smoked at though.
  13. My friend got caught with some sour and they didnt let him in to a cannibal corpse show.

    he passed that shit to me and me and my friend smoked it. he was holding all of our weed so he only gave us what was ours on some stealth shit rite in front of the security guard pass.

    then my friend who couldnt get in scalped his ticket for like 300% profit. so he was good in the end :D

    yo wtf guards walk in the crowd.
  14. I've been to only a few venues where security walks in the crowd. They usually stay on the sides.

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