Smoking and mental health

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  1. Maryjane has helped me through so much. It made it 10x easier to recover from an eating disorder, it makes me significantly less depressed, it takes away my anxiety and calms my thoughts. Also, knowing that at the end of the day I can spark up, helps me get through the day. This also has a counter affect. Because when I don't smoke (can't) I get super depressed and I feel the way I did when I was first diagnosed with depression. Keep in mind I also take meds, I've been on them for a year and I honestly don't know if they've done a damn thing. Anyway, does anyone else have experience with this and what can I do to kind of keep myself lifted even when I can't toke.

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    over half the time, the medication never fully helps, or at all...
    with that in mind, cannabis is a great tool for depression (sativas especially), but don't rely on it.
    what I mean to say is, treat it like medication.. limit your intake.. by gram or by bowl or by hits (however way);
    maybe have designated days where you don't consume cannabis at all? I'd say twice a week ( but not simultaneously ) take a break.
    preferably less stressful days, I know some days are harder than others. 
    If you learn to manage your cannabis intake, along with your prescribed medications from other doctors,
    you'll find out just how much more the cannabis is for your overall wellness.
    so to summarize: don't use it as a crutch, don't smoke a lot, and treat it respectively.
    I definitely do the same with mine, and I have more control over my 'illness' than I've ever had my entire life.
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    You should be careful before going on medications for depression. Although clinical depression does exist there are many forms of depression that can be reversed with lifestyle and habit changes. I hope you didn't fall victim to a pill pushing doctor and actually had the proper diagnosis. Fuck I hate doctors that are so quick to prescribe pills after a patient tells them they're depressed. 

    If you don't have medical depression and a good doctor to monitor it those pills you are taking will make you even more depressed. 
  4. Just keep the cannabis use light.

    I used cannabis to help me get over my social anxiety (neck literally freezes when nervous in public), I noticed when I stopped cannabis it would come back slowly but not fully, cannabis can help the issue but it took time to make it last.

    Meditation and breathing exercise can help too, my doctors had me practicing slow breathing which helped a little.

    I get mild depression and weed makes it worse for me, it amplifies the thoughts.

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