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Smoking and girls

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by climbingtrees, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. i know what your sayin man, ive smoked with chicks that make ME light it for them. wtf is it really that hard?

    but there are also some chicks than can smoke me under the table. I met some hippie chicks (that were soooo hot) at bonnaroo, and damn those chicas could rip a bong! :bongin:
  2. Ya i usually smoke with a chick, shes cool tho except for the pussy rips... Just more for me i guess:D
  3. Smokin wit a girl..I've smoked with a ghetto ass mama..guess how that shit went?..
    That was an experience that was off the hook....bcuz we smoked a couple blunts and drank a few deuce-deuces!

    Next thing I know she gives me those bedroom eyez...and once she gave me that "look":eek:
    I got so hard...then I realized that she didnt have any panties on....and whoa! I must've spreaded her legz wide open and fucked her brainz out til daybreak!!!:smoke: Good Times Yup!!
  4. lol, so read that out of context.
  5. We must be patient. Everyone had a first time, and better to educate and spread the herb around. Now you mustn't let your negative view of this girl affect your opinion of all women...i have smoked with many a chill female. There are cool people among both sexes. There are also uncool people among both sexes.
  6. you should be more nice! im a girl and ive never smoked with a guy who is such a buzzkill as you are :( i dont go and say stupid stuff when i smoke out a GUY for the first time and he doesnt know how to rip a bong or can even handle himself. not all girls are like that, every guy i know who smokes always likes blazing with a girl and dosent mind how she acts. im sure you were like that when you first started smoking. ive been smoking since i was 8 and i bet that if we blazed together you for sure would be the one not being able to formulate your sentences. im sure if smoked with another girl, who has been smokin for a while you will be pleasently suprised! :)
  7. I don't know about others, but I LOVE smoking with girls.

    Girls and guys have their brains wired differently, so no matter what a girl will always have a different viewpoint on any subject than I will. Nothing is better (for me) during a session than experiencing viewpoints I cannot come up with on my own. Whether its just watching a movie or a truly deep conversation, adding girls to the circle is a great way to shine new light on anything.
  8. I used to date a girl who smoked since she was 9.

    It was awesome until she turned out to be a fucking insecure bitch who had some fucking trust issues. Fuck that.

    I do like blazing with girls, though.
  9. find a girl that'll smoke YOU out
  10. I love smoking with girls that actually know what they're doing.
  11. i've been smoking with this one chick for awhile now.. its better then smoking with a guy

  12. So sorry to hear you got a blowjob man :rolleyes:

    I want my 15 seconds back :mad:
  13. all you saying im a noob and shes not, she put my oj and bread in a cabinet and it spoiled. she was obviously faking now that i look back on it, no matter how baked i am, i still have the common sense needed to put things back and clean things up. she also was looking at the ceiling and stuff (maybe faking hallucinating?). so i think she was probably faking.
  14. I'm sure others have said it in this thread already, but try not to judge all girls based on this one experience. :)
  15. #55 TwistedBullets, Sep 15, 2009
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    Don't go assuming people are faking, everyone is different after smoking up, it was her first time and she probably wasn't able to control herself well, so stop being so judgmental about all females, because just like us guys, some know what they're doing and some don't, so light up, and just chill.

  16. and also give blowjobs

  17. she is NOT my girl.
  18. i understand what u mean dude, but the way ur sayin it is gettin a lotta negative response. so yea say it differently i guess.
  19. is she hott?

  20. not really man, just a good family friend, and i wasnt really paying attention just was horny because it always does that to me, i really should of just said no.

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