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  1. First time smoking up a first time girl, and I have to say i'm done smoking with girls. She just couldn't hold her shit, she kept on falling asleep and talked on the phone with her parents and couldn't even formulate a sentence. I did get a blowjob but it wasn't nice because it took forever to cum. I just have to say I'm done smoking with girls for awile.
  2. Girls that are actual stoners are chill as shit. Then ones that occasionally get high are annoying as fuck.

    I HATED smoking with my ex girlfriend. She'd say the most retarded things and act like a damn fool. Hell, I hated how she smoked the damn blunt.
  3. Sorry about that blowjob man, that's really a downer. Everyone knows that it's never cool to smoke with girls.

  4. the blowjob makes up for all the bad shit that comes along with it. smoke up more girls and get more blowjobs.
  5. I just don't know these days. :(
  6. OP, I think it is your responsibility to teach your girl the proper way to enjoy herb.
  7. I love how evey story about smoking with a girl involves a bj at some point. Not to say i dont believe you, but damn, i guess i dont hang around enough whores.
  8. Hang out with some more quality girls? Chicks who actually smoke aren't like that :smoke:
  9. Exactly.

    Pish posh! Im offended.


    But seriously, not all are like that..
  10. i dont the whole experience was just so bad i dont want to do it with girls again.
  11. qft!!
  12. Are you serious dude? I love toking with girls just the one you toked with is silly. For real dude if u don't wanna hang with chicks then you may need to reevalute your self. I know just as many stoner chicks who do keep it together who toke shit tons. Once me and my woman sat down and toked a whole oz from start to finish. Not to mention now she currently smokes only the highest quality Organic herb. One chick shouldn't ruin your oppinon on all chicks and like others said it should be your job to train her and hell train her how to give a good bj to and she can continue to smoke you and our favorite plant.
  13. I got a hippie van and when school gets out my "buddie" (my designated driver) drives my van to our secret spot while I get in the back with half a dozen chicks and get fucked up. Been doin it for a while and not a problem yet. They also pay for the weed sometimes and most are lightweights so Id just hog the blunt and they don't mind. Great benefits. Maybe the girl giving you a blowjob is just an annoying skank...?
  14. OP, you're an idiot.
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    Well maybe I might again. But she was just really annoying you guysdont even know. And she was like we should smoke more later and I was just like no thanks it's ok, and she also breathed into the bubbler and soaked the weed, that really pissed me off because then I had to go get my spoon which sucks. And I burned my eyebrow because I hit the spoon like a bubbler and my face was right over the flame.
  16. Noobs are noobs, their gender is irrelevant. Instead of being a flaming dick about it, educate them kindly.

    What makes you stupid is the fact that you're basing an entire gender on one girl.
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    Also OP why do u care how long it took her to get you off?? Seriously it's like you don't enjoy anything. A girl down there doing her thing is great why rush?? Even if it isn't the best it's still a good time

  18. She may of soaked the weed but you did more long term damage... and you are calling people newbs?? Sorry dude this whole post is getting lamer every time you post.
  19. i wont smoke with new girls, its just a rule i live by.

    stoner chicks=chill as shit.
  20. Complaining about noobs, but you burned your eyebrow because you hit the spoon like a bubbler... (?)

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