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Smoking and breastfeeding

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SniperKitty, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I've recently given birth to a 5lb 2oz baby boy. Ive found a hookup and recently stocked up on some weed knowing I wouldn't be able to get any when the baby came. I never smoked while pregnant but my question is about smoking while breastfeeding him.

    He's a month premature and pretty tiny but has no health concerns and the hospital and pediatricians have been really impressed with his development and health as a premi. But now that he's out in the world (3 weeks old now) and able to nurse easily I'm wondering what the effects or harms (if any) smoking would have on him.

    My doctor has me on vicodin for pain which helps with the breastfeeding soreness as well, but I feel like smoking is healthier for me and my baby (even though they say vicoden isn't transmitted into the milk I don't believe them) for the pain of breastfeeding.

    So if anyone has any info on the subject it would be much appreciated, I don't want to do anything that could harm him or dry up my milk thanks in advance guys! :)

    Tldr: I'm breastfeeding: is it okay to smoke a little bit or will it harm my baby boy?
  2. I wouldn't risk it. Would you ever forgive yourself if something bad happened to your child?
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    try vaporizing or edibles, once thc is absorbed into your system it will most likely not transmit to the baby and you will feel healthy from not smoking.
    as a side note.. while breastfeeding stay clear of aluminum based deodorants as you do not want to trap natural occurring bodily toxins by clogging pores with aluminum and have them stored around the breast area(this is what aluminum based deodorants do) go el natural and let the toxins escape!
  4. Your preemie needs the best possible breast milk you can give him. This not only includes avoiding marijuana, but eating healthy and taking your vitamins.

    You should take the vicodin immediately after breast feeding to allow as much time between taking and feeding the baby.

    This is a stage in your life where your child's needs are greater than yours.

    Science says THC is passed through breast milk. The unknown is the actual effects. People could have done and their kid turned out great.. still doesn't make it safe. I've heard of people driving 30 miles home safely while drunk off their ass.. doesn't mean you should do it too.
  5. i would love if someone could find a link to a study done on women breastfeeding vs. women breastfeeding while smoking marijuana vs. breastfeeding with any medication.

    i'm sure others are interested as well.

  6. Definitely. There have been a couple by some off the wall university in some eastern european country, but nothing by a reputable research institution. The problem is finding women (and Drs) who are willing to participate in the study... it just isn't worth the risk. A detailed and accurate study requires hundreds of participants and takes years (say until the kid is 8) to actually determine the extent of the effects.

    Being a parent requires you to put the needs of your child first.. this is one of those times. It's another year of your life.. you don't have to breastfeed forever.. just enough to help with growth, mental development, and immunity support.
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    MOST of the women ive know stayed sober while pregnant but they smoked while they breatfed. One of them was super super strict about that whole staying sober and staying away from smoke, and she seemed pretty educated by her doctor on the whole issue but she still smoked while she breastfed and he was a premie and hes perfectly fine, hes walking he knows everything he should by now and hes not even 2.

    MY personal opinion, is i dont see whats wrong with smoking while breastfeeding because the only thing it would pass on is "withdrawls" which we all know you cant get from pot. If i was pregnant i would smoke a little still NO WHERE NEEEAR as much as now but i dont see anything whole family is just a big stoner family and almost all of them smoked while pregnant or breastfeeding and were all fine...Just smoke after you breat feed so theres as much time as possible between intervals to let it all simmer away or whatever.

    my whole thing is, i dont really know WHY the herb would do any damage, most of it is absorbed by your body and most of it would have been gone by the time it got to him [especially if your not carrying him anymore] so its not like it would affect his brain....with other drugs hell yeah i wouldnt even touch a frikken pain killer. But i think you'll be fine, but your the mother so ultimately your the decision maker:]

  8. Marijuana is a mind altering substance. A baby's brain is still developing as a child. Why do something to even risk it?

    My mother smoked cigarettes during her entire pregnancy with me. I turned out ok. So with that logic, should it be ok to smoke cigs during pregnancy?

    I know of people who smoked meth while pregnant.. they had kids that turned out ok. Doesn't mean I'd encourage it.

    My wife and I have had two preemies.. she has cervical issues and just can't keep the baby in long enough. Their development and health needs to be managed much more carefully than a full term baby. They are at a much higher risk for pretty much every thing you don't want your child to have.
  9. OP...please check out Granny Storm Crows stickie, it has info related to this topic....she even wrote an article for a news paper about mj and preggers issues (she's published!).

    Now for my own opinion..those prescription drugs are a hell of a lot more dangerous to a baby then mj could ever be...and the biological milk production process of your body, matabilizes any of the 'drug' aspect of mj out and it will not effect your baby. just my opinion though, so please go check out granny's sticky, or email her for the full list of reports.
  10. ^^ Checked out that sticky thread... wow.. lots of info.

    Here's a tidbit directly from one of the studies that was listed
    Another huge issue that is being overlooked is that the OP has no medical necessity for smoking. I don't even know why the Dr gave you vicodin.. did you have a C section? Vicodin carries a L3 rating for breastfeeding which means it's "moderately safe". Any decent Dr shouldn't be prescribing pain meds for sore nipples.

    I also recommend you taking advantage of the hospital you gave birth.. they can help you out with breastfeeding and you can see about renting a pump.. you can pump a lot to save (also great for having someone else feed the little one), do whatever you want, and then pump more and just throw it away.. commonly referred to as "pump and dump".
  11. look up Dr. Melanie Dreher's research in Jamaica. I've posted a couple of video's here before, but am not 100% positive if the videos go into breastfeeding/nursing but I know she's done extensive research on smoking while pregnant and documented her findings.
  12. My god this is so horribly wrong.

    You realize that anyway you consume cannabinoids, you are still consuming cannabinoids. Once they are in your body, they all act the same. I'm not sure how anyone would conceive the idea that vaporizing or consuming edibles would change what it does in your body. meh.

    aluminum based deodorants are bad because they have aluminum. your body does not excrete a significant amount of toxins in sweat, in fact it is only trace amounts. I don't wanna know where you went to school
  13. If you were to go to Granny's list in the sticky section, there are several studies on cannabis use as it relates to pregnancy/post pregnancy. Most notable was a study done by a sociologist close to 40 years ago.

    This study followed the pregnancies of several Jamaican women of the Rastafarian faith and the gist of the study found that in general, the cannabis use wasn't harmful. It's been a year or so since I read the complete study, and I suggest educating yourself before making the decision.

    The information is here in this forum to help you make the right decision for you and your child.

    Good luck,

  14. Smoking may be bad, I could see vaporizing being fine.

    Please thoguh If I could have your attention,Dont give him any vaccines, especially MMR as they contain mercury which causes brain damage and is linked to autism and/or severe learning impairments.(» Are MMR vaccines dangerous for children? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!). Avoid Fluoridated water for your child as well. (» Study Proves Fluoride Brain Damage Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!)
  15. Just don't smoke or give the baby different milk
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    Hi, We are talking about a plant grown and found in nature that we have been using long long

    The instant your brain comes in to contact with thc it utilizes it instantly and handles its psychoactive properties < your brain trips ,you trip> quickly until there is nothing left but toxic waste that must be eliminated (read below), this is with any thing consumed into the bod, utilize/handle/waste/. the body handles it!

    for most peeps it is fluoridated toothpaste (aluminum by product)and aluminum deo slapped on 1st in the morning, not good at all, I totally agree. but, any amount of unreleased toxins as a result of intentional skin pore blockage, especially important for active women who are breastfeeding is not good either. bless
  17. My girlfriends fathers cousin(her second cousin?) is a big pot head. I remember being told she and my gf was smoking together(she was pregnant during that time). But i know she doesn't breast feed(probably not due to the weed). But idk i dont see how its bad for you or the baby if it has no affects on our bodies or minds? I mean if you look at its history at a whole you have a plant taht has been around as long as we have communication skills.

    The fuckin plants old as fuck so its evolved to survive and a way to prosper. I guess now taht we have a more modern system and open way of life(due to the internet) i think when your children grow up or your grand children grow up, we'll all know the answer that we were looking for.

    The internet stores everything, forums are a library of information if you know how to navigate it right.

    Also look into the Rastafarian culture? im sure thats a good start to look into for that sorta answer?
  18. Thanks for the replys guys, I would research it myself but I find myself too busy with the little man to even check my facebook. I can do gc because I can use my phone at 2am while pulling an all nighter with him haha. So I figured I could get quick responses easy to read here and there with info or feelings about the subject.

    I've gone 7ish months while pregnant without smoking I guess I can go another 6 until I wean him. It's hard finding info on whats good and bad during pregnancy and breastfeeding because no one wants to experiment with babies but I appreciate the responses.

    Enjoy your holidays boys and girls! I have a new man in my life to enjoy my christmas with! Take a nice hit for me I'll be able to join y'all again soon ;)

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