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Smoking alot makes your eyes go green?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hardsmoker, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Lately I have noticed that my eyes are getting greener over time...they used to be gray, just plain gray. I can`t figure out whats going on. It would be cool if that has anything to do with me smoking quite alot of green in the past few years.
    Sounds kinda stupid I know, what do you think?
  2. hell nah lol.

    my eyes have gone from dark brown to light hazel every year.

    ... nothin to do with weed though, just my eyes!?
  3. well idk....eating too many carrots can make your skin have an orange tint...but eyes are not skin, and smoking is not eating.
    i doubt it... highly doubt it.
  4. haha nice wish. but seriously, my eyes change like on the daily man. they are craaaazy. have you ever looked into your own eyes in the mirror when you are high? INSANITY!!!
  5. My eyes are a blue-green, but sometimes can go full-on green if i'm real tired. Weird!
  6. when i smoke, sometimes my eyes get red.
  7. My eyes are blue. And they stay blue all the time. I guess I'm weird.
  8. Yeah m eyes don't really change either, but they get red as hell if I am fadded. JOE>
  9. my eyes a bluegreen with this awsome bright orange around my pupil, sometimes they get more dominantly green though.....i couldnt say why though
  10. lol now how high were you when u posted this?:smoke:
  11. lol yea i love that, trips me out every time, will probably go try it once i finish this bowl :eek:
  12. I agree with him cause my eyes are greener than before......
  13. I think my eyes used to be green but they've been red for a while now:smoking:
  14. the green is from the chlorophyll...why would there be chlorophyll in your eyes?

  15. i know just what you mean. I was staring into my eyes one time and i completely got lost in them. It was just like a little galaxy on my face, and id never even realized it. I swear i was staring into them for minutes but it was only seconds,ganja time.Ever since ive held much mroe respect for my eyes.LoL yeah:cool:
  16. My eyes are really, really dark brown. Like almost black. It sometimes looks my pupil covers my entire eye.
  17. No mine arent going green, but my sweat smells like bud
  18. Heheheh.


  19. My left eye is bright bright green and my right eye is bright blue...I look weird=X When people are really fucked up and look at me in the eyes they always say," Dude, I'm so fucked up, it looks like you have two different eye colors"....only I smash it with," They are two different colors" Of course, this is with people who don't know me on a daily basis....

  20. lol no dude, your eyes go green after like a year of heavy tokin. thatd be sick though if weed made your eyes green instead. :smoke:

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