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Smoking alone?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CuesADila, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Anybody prefer to smoke alone? I haven't smoked alone yet but the people I usually smoke with are just so annoying and say the stupidest crap I've ever heard. I try to go with it when I'm high but I really just want everyone to shut the fuck up. I would leave but I'm not that confident in my ability to drive.

    So.. smoking alone? Good or bad? Can you equate it to drinking alone? Thanks
  2. Find new smoking buddies. I love smoking alone. I smoked alone today and I loved it. I am still pretty high, it is kick ass.

    I like to find a balance between smoking alone and smoking with people. Do whatever you feel.
  3. I smoke alone all the time. It's fun to just relax and smoke and then enjoy the high by yourself. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want without having to worry about others actions getting you caught or just pissing you off. It's great.
  4. yea smoking alone is nice sometimes. you can zone out on your thoughts more than you can when you're with other people. and high thoughts are the best :smoking:lol
  5. Yes, I actually prefer smoking alone. Nothing to possibly kill your vibe. True peace is solely acquired. I'm too baked to realize if that's a pun, but there's meaning in that.
  6. i get highest when smoking alone! ps use the search button there are TONS of threads covering this subject
  7. i smoke alone more often than i smoke with people. but i like doing both equally, usually.
  8. George Thorogood said it best
    "I Toke alone,Yeah with nobody else.
    You know when I Toke alone, I perfer to me be myself."
  9. i usually smoke w/ my friends. one rolls good blunts, and one has a sick bubs, so im good.

  10. I love that song so much btw, great quote + rep
  11. smoking alone is fine with me.
    i do it all the time.

    but i prefer smoking with a close smoke buddy.
    someone who doesnt annoy you, they just chill and shit.

    find a good friend like that man.
    and you wont want to smoke alone.
  12. I love to smoke alone...I do it almost every day if there's a bag around.
    I'm pretty stoned right now actually.

    I feel more creative when I'm high, so usually I get high by myself and draw, and listen to music.
  13. hopefully you can smoke with wiser and older smokers soon. yea smoking alone allows for much great introspective analyses and you get to be ur own boss!! (im high bymyself) and u can always surf gc for company and what not!! so you won't need to drive
  14. lol this reminds of the time i smoked with my friend who is such a lightweight in everything (drinking/smokin etc) He wanted to smoke some marijuana with me cuz i jus got some kick ass shit so i say why not....after we finished one joint thats when the nightmare began he started freekin out and started gettin anxious and kept tellin me to call the ambulance and i couldn't enjoy my high because of some lightweight friend freaking out over his high. So sometimes i'd prefer smoking alone. :laughing: But then agen its fun sometimes to smoke with some stoner friends, they can make you laugh all night hahahaha :yay:
  15. Start smoking strains that will make you laugh like crazy at all the stupid stuff your friends are saying. :D
    One of my toking buddies is like that, he just won't shut up and sometimes the variations we get make me laugh like a baboon, and sometimes they make me slap him and tell him he's talking too much.
    But then we end up like Dante and Alex from Grandma's Boy, just sitting there playing video games and both saying stupid shit.
    Relax, go with the flow, I know you wanna chill out, maybe you can do that anyway. Stare at the wall while they're talking and visualize all the things you wish would happen that just aren't normally feasible. It'll trip you out.
    Last resort is to tell them to shut the fuck up and chill out. (<---Cussing is an extreme when I'm high :p)
  16. i like smoking with my best friends. not really alone
  17. He said "I DRINK alone", not toke. Although I guess it's the same thing pretty well..
  18. lol, yeah try playing video games when you smoke alone. Make sure you still have that Old Nintendo ;) My favorite game when I'm high is anything super mario related, it always makes me lmao. :laughing:
  19. Smoking alone isn't bad, I prefer smoking with friends A LOT more though. It's just so much better being with a couple of really close friends enjoying the herb. Especially if you all get along.
  20. I love to smoke alone and with other people. Its not bad at all imo. In the stoned words of Afroman, "I love smoking all by myself. Dont have to pass it to no one else." Its up to you though

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