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Smoking Alone?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlazedPlatypus, May 31, 2013.

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    I only smoke alone. I don't have anyone I could smoke with. Everyone at my school is too arrogant to even want to try marijuana, and in fact I got told on for downing a beer once underage. Everyone at school is shitheads. But anyways, I feel like I'm a proper stoner. I LOVE relaxing alone and not telling anyone. This is what I mean by "proper stoner," no one has any clue. No one suspects a thing of me and I'm a preppy dude. The only one who knows is my brother. Is there anything wrong with smoking alone and does anyone agree with me that it's ideal for no one to know you smoke? I know it's apparently "more fun" to smoke with people... I think it's best to stay on the downlow; toking in secret.
  2. Smoking alone is how I do it most of the time. But smoking with close friends is always a good time. Theres nothing like the memories of getting high as fuck with your best friend and playing video games or something.
  3. Smoke with your brother?

    Yea smoking with friends is the most fun. But relaxing is the most chill thing you can do alone. I limit my alone smoking, bc I don't like getting mega high alone and financial problems, but I don't care if I'm with friends, well smoke it all in a few days.

    Anyways ask your brother or just keep doing you. Just don't overdo it with alone smoking.
  4. I smoke occasionally. Not a daily toker here. I have indeed asked my brother and he just dismissed it, "Oh it's a bad idea we'll both get caught. Gotta use the buddy system!" But I think I'll convince him eventually ;)
  5. Underage drinkin? Maybe you shouldnt have been getting drunk at school :rolleyes:
  6. And i only blaze alone when im low on my sack
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    I was at a friends house but thanks for your two cents. Plus it was one beer. Dude, you can't get drunk off a beer.
  8. Smoking alone is the best.  People distract my thoughts too much when I smoke in groups
  9. And you going to sleep stoned is where it's at.
  10. Well from the way i read it you drank it at school i didnt read anything about a friends house.and you can if your a light weight.
  11. #11 rastaballer209, Jun 1, 2013
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    Every night haha. Its my favorite thing to do. Pass out in my bed taking hit after hit, listin to music, then finally i go to bed. Gives me a great nights rest :)
  12. I toke alone most of the times. When I first started smoking like 4 years ago I allways smoked with friends, but I don't see my stoner friends as often anymore. 
  13. I wish I had stoner friends, I may have one but I doubt he'd like the idea of coming over and lighting up with me.
  14. Made the same post a while ago. People have diff opinions. But without good friends smoking with people sucks. And good stoner friends are hard to find
  15. I normally smoke with my father in law or friends. The only time I smoke by my self is when I wake and bake or when ever I have the place to my self.. So at least once a day.


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