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Smoking alone

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by whitekidstoner, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Nothing beats a bag of vapor to myself every now and then. :)
  2. Yeah man, I smoke alone all the time. I'm a music producer, so nothing beats smoking a few bowls and trying to make music. Some of my best ideas come from me being high as all hell ;)
    And of course listening to music alone, you can really trip out and have some nice times.
  3. Smoking alone is the best the crazy funny shit that goes through your mind whilst watching random tv shows especially anything on the discovery channels cant be beat although smoking with 1 or 2 others can be fun too just laughing at stupid things on tv or movies and having to rewind over and over laughing more and more each time is awesome, example watched your highness with my cousin whilst blazed and the part where they went to see the wizard had to be rewinded about 30 times lol or when we put on the 3d glasses to watch jackass 3d and when my cousin started chatting to me with the glasses on its like he didnt no how to speak with them on he started talking really loud it was so funny i was only like 6ft away from him haha good times
  4. not a "lonely" stoner , but i prefer tokin' alone

  5. i do the same too, Also i tend to notice my high alot more when sitting in silence
  6. I smoke mostly alone. I'll always share or toke with friends, but the funny thing is nobody knows I smoke. Apparently I'm the last person anyone thought would ever smoke.

    Little do they know how fast I go through grams. Summer has been my primetime for smoking. But unfortunatley has cost me a LOT of money! :p
  7. There's nothing more peaceful than going deep into the woods or out on the edge of a lake and getting really really high, thinking about and doing whatever the fuck you want. :smoke: toke on, singular stoner.
  8. i prefore to smoke alone, then hang with people. My friends smoke but never seam to have weed. So i either have to smoke them up, or just stone by myself. I am a newer stoner. just about 6 months ago did I start smoking regularly

  9. Haaaaaaaaa George Kicks ASS !!!!!!!!!!
  10. Most of my friends smoke bud which is cool because we can all get stoned when we don't have bud and just smoke each other out when we see eachother

    I like smoking alone though, i enjoy chilling out to music or a film on my own where i don't have any worries whatsoever
  11. I enjoy smoking alone, and with others. Both are a completely different high though, alone is more chill and introspective.
  12. Almost every night I pack a bowl of whatever I have. Alone too man. Lol.
  13. I like suing alone as well. It really brings a different vibe to the whole thing.
  14. I just started smoking (only done it 3 times) and one of them was alone and it was actually really nice. I just relaxed and watched Workaholics. I didn't get too high because I didn't really feel like I needed to, I just got nice and relaxed and warm feeling and enjoyed the calm. Slept well that night.

  15. That happened to me last night. I ended up falling asleep after watching a documentary about space.

    Anyway blazing up alone is sweet. I smoke with other people on occasion, but I enjoy it more by myself.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Smoking with other people is always better than alone IMO but I usually only smoke alone right before bed or right when I wake up
  18. I normally never talk while high so I prefer to smoke alone. Otherwise, everyone thinks I'm antisocial or shyer than normal.

  19. i get like that now n then too but really your in your own crazy world inside ur head:D

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