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Smoking alone

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by whitekidstoner, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Hey guys. This may sound weird, but i really like to smoke alone. Just pack a bowl, get under the duvet, put on scrubs, fresh prince or workaholics and eat some good food and just chill the fuck out.
    I actually don't have a lot of friends who smokes, just a couple but i deff smokes the most. Any other "Lonely stoners"?
  2. Nothing weird about it. I say you're a true stoner if you can/do smoke by yourself.

    Rock on, lonely stoner :cool: I really don't like that term though because I don't get lonely and I have fun by myself.
  3. smokin alone now man takin a nice hit for a fellow loner
  4. I enjoy da herb with or without company buruddah!

    In all seriousness yes, I do enjoy smoking alone and being able to sit and think or do as i please without anyone interrupting at times but other times I like group sesh's.
  5. Im the same way aha most of my friends were smoking before i started (about 6months ago) i like cooking some really god food when im bakeded
  6. Kid cudi made that song day & night for me, i'm a lonely stoner. :smoke:
  7. Smoking alone is the bees knees. I like to zone out in Video Games or T.V too. You would be surprised how many people smoke weed. You in school? You gotta develop "the eye" and make some friends who smoke though! It's awesome conversing while high w/ buds
  8. A lonely sesh is always refreshing, sometimes smoking with all the dudes gets a little.. annoying haha. With or without someone else, mj is great :smoke:
  9. I enjoy smoking alone a lot. Just chill in my room and watch tv

  10. I dont trust you cause of the damn signature :smoking:
  11. Sometimes i like to sit alone in silence and get baked.

    You find yourself thinking about the wierdest things.
  12. i do the same shit sometimes man, more often lately. jus chill, smoke a jay or a couple bowls and just hang out and watch tv and stuff. i think its more fun to smoke with other people, but smoking alone is pretty awesome too haha
  13. [quote name='"SmokeyH"']

    I dont trust you cause of the damn signature :smoking:[/quote]

    Lol legal precautions. Can never be too safe
  14. The majority of my smoking is done alone

    If I feel like spacing out for an hour I dont have to feel bad about it haha
  15. haha I know. I always think the people with those sigs are the tweakers
  16. [quote name='"SmokeyH"']haha I know. I always think the people with those sigs are the tweakers[/quote]

    Nope only done weed. No hard shit.
  17. I smoke alone most of the time, it's all about the situation, I'll smoke whenever.
  18. 70% of the time i smoke alone and just kick back, eat something good and watch netflix. I like it. Just do what i want without anyone's rebuttal. Although smoking with others has it's moments.
  19. Dude that's not weird at all, people may tell you it's weird. IMO it's weird to drink alone. The herb shows you to yourself. It medicates you.

    I honestly can't stand smoking with others. I will offer them some out of common courtesy and I will smoke with people but I have about 500x more fun by myself. Don't have to deal with others paranoid bullshit. I only smoke with people I know can handle their shit too. I don't want anything happening like this story I heard a while back here where this guy smoked this girl out and she was like "I'm having a heart attack" and called 911 and told the cops EVERYTHING.

    Smoking by myself, researching various topics (the science behind weed, physics, sociology, psychology) and petting my cat is probably one of the best nights I could possibly have.
  20. I'd rather smoke by myself. You save a lot of weed.

    And I can always do what I want to do, not what others want to do.

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