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Smoking a spliff

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SecondClass, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Weed and tobacco are smoked in two completely separate ways (one a deep inhale that you hold in for a while, the other just a quick pull-in and exhale), so how do you smoke a mixed bowl/spliff?

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  2. By inhaling. ;)

    But seriously, just like a normal joint. Inhale, hold for a sec, exhale, realize how high you are.

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  3. Why would you smoke it any different? In the end, you're still smoking bud. You inhale, hold the hit for maybe 2-3 seconds and exhale..
  4. But you're also still smoking tobacco. If I hold in a hit of tobacco as long as I do for a hit of weed, I get sick to my stomach.

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  5. Hold it in for 3 seconds or you're wasting weed. As a longtime spliff smoker I got used to that, it seemed to make sense at the time. Seriously though, what's better than ruining your lungs with tobacco smoke and being sick to your stomach is to switch to vaping/get a pipe/bong/smoke pure joints. So much better for your lungs man.
  6. I've smoked cigs for years and I don't get the sick feeling when I take weed-like hits off of a cig, so I didn't realize that happened to you. If I were you, I would switch to pure joints. If you're smoking spliffs to save bud, then I suggest switching to a spoon pipe or something similar.
  7. I get that you're using tobacco cause you use less bud, just keep them separate or switch to bongs

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  8. have two lungs. They will automatically separate the smoke. In your left long you hold it for a few seconds, but with the right lung you just inhale then exhale....
  9. Makes sense

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  10. I like to keep them separated.  I am a cigarette smoker and without a doubt a massive stoner but I keep both things separate.
    Just some food for thought, but the reason I choose to do this is because joints aren't filtered (and no, a rolled up piece of hard paper does not qualify as a filter).  Smoking unfiltered tobacco (bareback cig) gave me pneumonia the only time I ever did it, and using a cig filter on a joint will catch a lot of cannabinoids so you can't.
    Its just a shitty situation, so I smoke a joint, then I smoke a cig, and I'm happy!
  11. You're supposed to put a good amount less tobacco than weed if you do that I believe but yea hold it for at least 3 seconds or youre wasting the weed. I don't see why you'd want to ruin the weed like that though, if you want to smoke tobacco too smoke it after or light up a cig and a joint lol otherwise the only purpose of putting tobacco in it is to get you lightheaded which is what is making you sick and some people say it burns better but if you know how to roll properly it shouldnt be a problem. 

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