smoking a bowl is dangerous

Discussion in 'General' started by cheebaa, May 13, 2006.

  1. Hello city,
    I just was taking a hit out of my bowl, and I realized how something bad could happen so easily. Imagine if you were taking a hit- there was a seed hidden in some bud- it pops and red hot weed shoots out at your eyes.

    I need some safety glasses haha
  2. Man you ever burn your eye? its not fun, i burn my eyelashes all the time too. All in all though id say the risk is definatly worth the reward:smoking:
  3. if a seed pops in your eye you deserve it for not breaking up your stuff a bit first.

  4. My friend did that his first time, they got all white and curled up.:hello:
  5. i wanna hit people when they pack seeds
  6. well i dont smoke weed with seeds so i guess im alll goooodddd
  7. Why do you have so much negative rep cheachea?
  8. haha that was random
  9. you gotta throw a big bud in and not break it down to have a seed in it.
    only noobs put buds n tha bowl.
  10. I DO hit people when they pack seeds. Thats why i like to pack the bowl when smoking with friends.
  11. a violent jewish rasta...i like it.
  12. i do break up my bud, and I have only once packed a seed in my smoking history. I was lucky though- i smoked the entire bowl, empty out the ash and I'm like what the fuck, a seed was just chilling there at the bottom
  13. snap, crackle, p0p
  14. Get a longer pipe.

  16. My biggest risk with smoking a bowl is burning my hair, I've done it a few times. Seems like every time I light a cig in the wind though my hair loves to blow right to the flame.. funny how that works heh.
  17. i [put fat buds in bowls. but never once had a hippie bomb go off on me. my weed dont get seeds, and if they do they are good seeds and it's a bonus
  18. Hahah Ive never been burned =)
  19. My buddy rolled a sweet blunt one time and a seed somehow snuck into it and it blew up and blew to tip of the blunt off....was hilarious cuz we were all LIT
  20. thats happened to me before, and also this 1 time no one had a pipe so we were using a pop can and just threw a nug on top because someone punched a whole to big.. and i swear to god the nug jumped atleast a foot in the air

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