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  1. I know there's probably been threads on this before but fuck it.

    I started smoking about a year ago and finally got around to telling my sister about it this December. She's 23, three years older than me and has moved out of our house and lives with her bf in an apartment. I kinda knew she used to party a lot during high school but we were never really that close. I knew she smoked so I figured it'd be alright if I asked her for bud sources...

    At first she just gave me this really weird look like I was a sinner and she was a hardcore Christian kind of thing. At this point I was thinking, oh fuck she's changed. And then she just mellowed out real quick and said "Wow I didn't know you smoked." See, ever since I was real young I've always been real straight edge because my parents had issues with drugs and drinkin'. But in reality I don't see anything wrong with weed.

    Anyways, since I've told my sister that I smoke, we've hung out a lot more. We've become a lot closer, and I know so much about her that I never knew. So now I go over her place often and chill, and we never use to do that. She's this new best friend I never knew I had ..... it's awesome. She's funny and always willing to smoke or take a bong rip......

    Anyone else have any cool stories involving siblings and weed?
  2. Lol, my sister is totally against it. I'm 19 and she is 15 so her views may change over time. Thats good though that you and your sis are closer now :p
  3. my sister is 100% against it. my brother smokes but doesnt like me smoking. ive smoked with him a couple times though, hes the one who smoked me up in the first place.
  4. Last summer when I came home from college I found out my brother (17) smoked and I've blazed with him a lot since then, even sold him my old bong and scale. It's funny, like every time my parents leave now and we're both home we both pack up bowls and get high like every time.
  5. The first person I ever smoked with was my bother. I was 17 and he was 20. We still occasionally smoke together now. He was also the first person I tripped on acid with.
  6. I pretty much got the same story except with my brother, he's 5 years older than me and he still lives here at home.
  7. I've never smoked with her but I've sold to her, I've seen her smoke, and she's seen me smoke.
  8. Thats awesome dude. Me and my bro blaze all the time when he comes back from college, we basically became best friends when we started blazing together. I've also gotten my sister to smoke a few times but she doesn't really like it too much.
  9. yeah op like the above thats cool weed has ways of bonding the weakest bonds. My littlw bro started smoking like a year ago and it has done a little of the same to our relationship
  10. First time I smoked was with my cousin and I got to know him soooo well that night, and more subsequent stoned out nights. Bud does bring people together.

    Except my Sister (19) got high with me before and I didn't enjoy it at all, I think it was that she used to be straight edge and then started drinking and it was weird to see her high, I got a bad buzz because she was spacey and I was always used to her being in control.

    But we have become best friends since she started smoking cigarettes it was a common ground that we now have a great friendship because of.
  11. I smoke weed all the time with my friend and his brother, and when im not with them they smoke about everyday together. And the funny thing is their parents smoke too(they dont know any of us know though). We always joke about how the entire family tokes up and how they should start having family smoke sessions.
  12. My sister confronted me after I left my room wide open to air out one afternoon when I went to work. I figured she was the only one home and she wouldn't rat me out to dad. Next morning she comes down and tells me she smelled it and was pissed (paused for effect) that I wouldn't share. My jaw hit the floor, and we lit up right there. It's kinda brought us closer, although we really put our differences behind us a few months before. At least now I'll always have someone to throw money down with at home now :p
  13. back when i was 13 i came home from school and surprised my bro and his friend hitting a bowl. My brother started saying "please dont tell mom and dad, we're graduationg today, celebrating, please"

    I said don't worry I wont, went inside and got the brand new piece i had bought the day before, and their jaws hit the floor. We've been blazing together ever since.

    its great being woken up for wake n bakes..getting free headies from him..and when both parents are out, a hemp fest always goes down.
  14. Have a cousin who is about 7 years older than me. When we found out each other smoked it was great. Funniest time was when we went to a family get together together, he had a massive blunt, we smoked outside and came back in. It was a terrible thing to do and I regret it. But still pretty funny.
  15. Dudes...My lil bro is my smoking sidekick...we just got back from ridin around town and smokin a blunt...hes 15 and im 22...iv been smokin 4 bout 2yrs now ( i was totally against it until i tried it..Ha)..he jus scares me wen he smokes he's not carefully enuf with makin sure everything is put away..hes already been caught by my parents afew months ago..but smokin with my lil bro is some of my best tripps:smoke:
  16. yea the first time i ever smoked with my older sister was awsome. i didn't even know she smoked, but one time i was breakin up my weed and rolling a joint, i thought i locked my door but forgot to double-check it, cause its not full proof. all of a sudden BAM she comes in, scared the crap outa me i knocked my shit all over the floor. i thought i was screwed, but turns out shes been smoking for years! oh man right then and there we got sooo baked and ended up fucking like rabbits.

  17. HAHAHAHAHA. All was cool until that last half sentence.
  18. In a few years, I'm really looking foreward to smoking up my nephew (13 now but at least 16 when it happens), but since our school district has a very effective DARE officer, he's very against it now, but I have a feeling he'll turn, and that will probably be the best smoke session of my life, we're very close, he's at my house every day, and more like a little brother than a nephew
  19. yea he'll figure it out by the time he's 16, everyone does
  20. I smoke with my sister usually when she comes back from college. She's not as into smoking as me, but its usually fun when we do.

    Also I wouldn't let my kid smoke with me until he's the age I was when I smoked with my mom, (17)

    As to not be a hypocrite, but if my kid would be more mature than I was then I would consider earlier....

    But thats beside the point, yeah me and my sis smoke, so does two of my cousins but I have yet to smoke with them.

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