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smokin with your gf

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by desdeadeye, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Hello gc, its been a while since ive made a new thread and i tend to be a pretty quiet gc user for the most part. But! I've recently entered a new relationship with this girl(my gf obviously) and she is just as much of a stoner as me. At first i thought it mite be a lil strange to me(considering ive never had a gf that smoked weed, except for one that did veeeerrryyyy occasionally, and never had with me anyways) but to be honest with you gc, it is amazinggg:D. i was layin on my bed with her layin on me jus smoking blunt after blunt with her, and i felt so close to her. I would give her shotties with a kiss and all those cute lil stoner couple things. We have like a stoner love and its awesome, im am the happiest i have been in a LONG time!:) So anyways i just wanted to know if anyother blades are in the same situation as me, if their gf is always their smoking buddy. Or bladies with a stoner boyfriend, either way feel free to post. I'm so happy you guys, this is the best:) its just tops;)
  2. Nothing like stoner love. And stoner girls usually are more patient and can be more understanding towards a fellow stoners needs. :D Enjoy it my friend
  3. thanks bro:D yeah my stoner lady is amazinnggg, and when im with her my heart jus beats soo fast, sorry dont mean to be ramblingg on in jus soooo happy:D:D:D
  4. I bet she makes great sammiches
  5. my last girl liked to smoke maybe a couple times a month. every time we got to just get baked and hang out it was the best times ever.
  6. believe it or not im more of the resident cook:p but she has maannyy other good qualities, and as an added bonus shes pretty as fucc:D

    yeah me and her smoke like daily:smoking: but yeah its the best:)
  7. Keeper.

    I loved my stoner gf so much I proposed lol

    She's actually the one that introduced me to it.
  8. I had a gf like that once. The sex is awwwwsome...
  9. Bladies, haha I like that. :smoke:
    I love my stoner girl so much, it's a different kind of love when you're with a stoner chick, isn't it? I just love staring at my girlfriend when the smoke leaves out her mouth slowly. <3
    Make her happy bro, and don't let your friends influence you to do different things in the relationship, if it's good right now then there's no need in changing it.
  10. Hell yeah dude, nothing better than smoking in bed naked wit yo bitch
  11. u r so lucky my friend..... so lucky.......

    i just went to another room cuz i cant fkn listen to my gf anymore tonight.. sad :(
  12. Hopefully I'll find a sweet stoner guy soon...
  13. I miss relationships like that. Stoner love is good shit, but I have to say that it brought me far more problems than it did solutions. You gotta watch jealousy and shit when it comes to weed, and watch who budgets it and when. Or you could smoke all of your shit to yourself, like my girlfriend did, despite me smoking her up every single night possible, just, whenever it was coming out of her pocket it became a big deal.

    Still, having another stoner to relate to, who's a female, who's always there, it's pretty awesome if the chemistry is good.
  14. Nothing better than having a gf that likes to smoke as much as you.
  15. Yeah it's mad fun as long as the relationship always comes before the herb it's pretty much perfect. Me and my girlfriend actually like to say we fell for each other on a mushroom trip. It was both of our first time, and we hadn't known each other too well before that. We took a low enough dose so we could still have really emotional conversations but it was still strong enough to lower our inhibitions and get our minds and bodies full of wonder with infinite wisdom and shimmering visuals and all that. We ended up walking through the woods and some open fields, and setting up a campfire with some music and a blanket in a clearing in the woods and talking for about 5 hours.
  16. pics or gtfo
  17. Aww you make my balls tingle with that kinda love. :love:

    Congrats on finding a girl, dont fuck up. ;)
  18. i met my girl ina smoke sesh so i already was a stoner:p but yeah i mite sometime:love:

    it really is a different kinda love, like i feel closer to her than any other gf ive ever had. And i will! shes my little ganja princess;)! thanks for the advice brother! very much noted.:)

    im sorry bro, trust me i was sad for a longgg time. im tellin ya, you gotta get you a bladie!:)

    the chemistry is amazing, i feel like ive known her my whole life and that its always been this way:) but nahh my girl i EXTREMELY generous with the herb luckly, like to the point where i have to say "baby i dont want to mooch of you" lol and she insists:p
  19. #19 wsrd4b2, Aug 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    I buy bud, she buys groceries lol it really does equal to about the same amount per month
  20. You should try fucking while high.

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