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smokin with the little people

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Trouble, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. I could care less about smokin infront of kids cause their probally gonna smoke it when they find your stash anyway when I have my own liitle dude I'm gonna smoke him up when hes had a bad day and if your kid is gonna go out and smoke it better that he smoke with you so you cann keep a eye on him, parents useto complain when I'd go out and smoke with my friends so I sat at home one night and got her stonned that was a real trip
  2. me too, ima smoke my kids out all the damn time
  3. If I ever have kids that's what I'm gonna do. I would much rather them get it from me, and plus I would be able to make sure they don't do anything stupid. I smoke w/ my boyfriends parents all of the time. I think they're cool as hell. My dad smokes, but tries to hide it. I would respect him a whole lot more if he would be open about it cause he knows that I smoke. I dunno, ppl are strange.
  4. I tried that with my sister, but she doesn't really like weed....maybe she'll appreciate it more when she's older :D
  5. i have no problem smokin with my kids, long as they are 18 or older. I think smokin with your kid before they are an adult sends a bad message. Every kid i grew up with that smoked with their parents are either in jail, hooked on hardcore drugs or are broke as fuck just strugglin to get by.......EVERY SINGLE ONE....since im older ive been able to see how kids that smoked with their parents growin up have turned out. And ill tell you right now they didnt turn out good. Im sure some people turn out just fine but from what ive seen and experianced first hand its not a good thing.

    Its a parents job to enforce rules and make sure their kid does good in life, not to get their kids high or drunk, thats what their friends are for.

    Hopefully most of yall views will change when you get older cause i know i use to think the same way but now that im older and ive seen how other people have turned out i realize its just a dumb thing to do, like i said its a parents job to parent not to get their kids high or drunk.

  6. Now you know one who didn't turn out that way..I used to smoke with my step-dad all the time...I'm not hooked on hardcore drugs, never been in jail. Now, I may be broke as fuck, but that's because I'm stupid about keeping jobs....I quit over the stupidest reasons sometimes :p
  7. um.......

    i was smoked out first when i was 14. shit i did not even really know what weed was until i was 16. (i was a protected child damn it leave me alone)

    i would not smoke pot around kids. thats really stupid. they are so impressionable at any age. if they just thought it was a cig not a joint no problem, they might pick up on the smell and ask if i am smoking pizza.

    i would not take the risk of them talking and an adult finds out. i would go to jail. not worth even talkin about drugs near kids. it might be just the area that i live in. if it was a city it properly be a little more lacks
  8. imo in this day and age, smoking with your teen is a good thing.
    I have like NO relationship with my dad. we do jack shit together. He doesnt even barely know me.
    If he smoked, and I smoked, our relationship would be so much better. We wouldnt be doin it to get high, well ok we would, but also to bond with eachother n shit, n get shit off our mind, talk while we toke, all that. I plan on toking with my kid, but first he has to make the decision to smoke himself. If i catch em smokin..then we'll be smokin. If I dont..then i'll take it he doesnt smoke and not ask em.

  9. Thats my plan too
    if im still smoking pot when i have kids and i catch them smoking ill definately spark a j with them but i would never smoke around kids or get them into it. Its just against my morals to start neone smoking pot. But if i catch them smoking cigarettes im gonna break my foot off in their ass.

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